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Olaf Heine: Rwandan Daughters. Outdoor Gallery in Mitte/Kreuzberg

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A total of 160 metres of Olaf Heine’s photo exhibition entitled Rwandan Daughters can be seen outdoors in Berlin until mid-April 2021, including in Köpenicker Straße in Mitte/Kreuzberg.

Ausstellungsansicht Rwandan Daughters, Köpenicker Straße Berlin 2021
© Olaf Heine Studios

The story of Rwanda went around the world. 27 years ago, on 7 April 1994, Hutu militias in Rwanda initiated a genocide from which the entire world looked away in unison. Over one million innocent people fell victim to the killings, hundreds of thousands of women were raped. Many of the victims are still psychologically and physically traumatised today and live on the fringes of Rwanda’s now prosperous society. The daughters conceived in the genocide, together with their mothers, were portrayed poignantly and powerfully by the internationally renowned photographer Olaf Heine.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. and the 27th anniversary of the genocide, Spring brand ideas presents the project “Rwandan Daughters” in the streets of Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.

The photographs, which won the German Photo Book Award, were published in 2019 as the photo book “Rwandan Daughters” by Hatje Cantz Verlag, were presented in numerous exhibitions and are now being brought back to the centre of society as a joint initiative by spring brand ideas, ora Kinderhilfe and Olaf Heine. In the streets of Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg, the large-format prints can be viewed free of charge in the open air on a total of 160 metres.

“Rwandan Daughters”, Making of

This unique outdoor exhibition is supported by Stadtkultur Berlin GmbH, spring brand ideas, Berlin Photo Week, Hatje Cantz for ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. The photos can be seen from 15 March 2021 until mid-April (all Berlin stops below).

Various actions are planned around the exhibition in the city space to raise funds for the Rwandan Daughters. The purchase of the book also contributes to improving the the living conditions of the Rwandan Daughters. The book can be ordered for 60 EUR at info@ora-kinderhilfe.de. With “Rwandan Daughters”, the creative agency spring is once again breaking new storytelling ground and going beyond classic NGO marketing concepts to generate attention, sponsors and donations for the 40th anniversary of ora Kinderhilfe international e.V.. National and international media such as BBC, CNN, Die Zeit, Guardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung or ZDF have already become aware of the “Rwandan Daughters” project and prominent supporters such as Sting, Brandon Boyd (singer of the band Incubus), Anna Loos, Rea Garvey, Sasha and Mousse T have committed themselves to the Rwandan Daughters.

Ausstellungsansicht Rwandan Daughters, Postbahnhof Berlin 2021, © Olaf Heine Studios

Other Berlin stations:

Elsenstraße 15.03. – 28.03. / Kastanienallee (Prater) 15.03. – 28.03. / Köpenicker Straße (Tresor) 15.03. – 28.03. / Modersohnstraße/Revaler Str. 15.03. – 11.04. / Postbahnhof (gegenüber East Side Gallery) 15.3. – 04.04. und Revaler Straße (RAW) 15.03. – 11.04.2021

More on the topic: www.ora-kinderhilfe.de/website/de/aktuelles/-rwandan-daughters-

More of Olaf Heine: www.instagram.com/olafheinestudio

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