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ARISE Grand Show: Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin confirms cast and première date

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Lion Fish | Costume design & Iilustration: Stefano Canulli

On 7 August, the previews of the new ARISE Grand Show will start at the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin. The world premiere will take place on Wednesday, 22 September 2021. The cast is as versatile as the already announced creative team with numerous luminaries such as Tom Neuwirth aka Conchita Wurst, Eurovision Song Contest stage designer Frida Arvidsson or star photographer Kristian Schuller.

After almost 17 months of closure, over 100 artists from 26 nations will present ARISE, the most opulent new show in terms of personnel and technology currently being created under pandemic conditions. The budget is 11 million euros. Touching and stirring, filled with hope, happiness and joie de vivre, the ARISE Grand Show ignites a storm of emotion that is intended to touch the hearts of the guests with its powerful and magnificent images. In keeping with the spirit of optimism behind the scenes, the Palace is releasing a touching video with an optimistic message: “Let us arise. Together.”

As it is easier to release additional seats instead of cancelling sold seats, the Palace plans to hold the previews in August with reduced seating capacity for the time being, with guests seated in the so-called “checkerboard pattern” (half seating capacity).

Based on the assumption that as the vaccination progresses, further restrictions could gradually fall, the palace will release additional seats as soon as regulations allow. At best, the premiere in September can take place in front of a sold-out auditorium, so that 1,895 guests can experience that love is stronger than time. In Austria, for example, since 1 July there is no longer a mask requirement or seating restrictions for cultural events if all guests have been vaccinated, tested or have recovered (the so-called “3G rule”). In the Netherlands, theatres and clubs can also open without Corona restrictions if all guests are vaccinated or tested.

DEEDS NEWS - Friedrichstadt Palast - ARISE_Figurine_Wasserlilie_Kostuemdesign_Illustration_Stefano_Canulli
Wasserlilie | Costume design & illustration: Stefano Canulli

Dr Berndt Schmidt, Artistic Director and Producer ARISE Grand Show: “With the later premiere date, we expect to have reached a vaccination rate that allows something like a normal premiere here in Germany as well. At previous Grand Shows we also had previews. The Anglo-Saxon principle of previews is used to let a production settle in before the ‘opening night’ or ‘press night’. Guest reactions are also incorporated into changes. On Broadway and in the West End, preview periods of four to eight weeks are the norm. This year, we’re playing previews over a slightly longer period than in the past, as officials believe that by early September, the vaccine-willing public will have full protection – making normal conditions in the theatre more likely.”

DEEDS NEWS - Friedrichstadt Palast ARISE_Wasserlilie_Foto_Kristian_Schuller_web
Wasserlilie | Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Foto: Kristian Schuller

The ARISE Grand Show tells the story of the photographer Cameron. His life is like his pictures: exciting and full of bright colours. Together with his beloved muse, he flies around the world. When he loses her, the loss tears his happiness to pieces. Again and again Cameron stares at the photos on his walls. An inexplicable attraction emanates from them and indeed his photographs come to life. Does his muse want to tell him something else?

The multifaceted role of the photographer Cameron is played by the charismatic singer Frank Winkels, who has already impressed as a musical leading man on stages all over Germany and Europe. The Belgian Laurie Hagen will be seen as Muse on the biggest theatre stage in the world. She has performed in London, Las Vegas and at the Crazy Horse Paris and is one of Britain’s most sought-after cabaret artists. After her success with the ‘Popstars’ band ‘Preluders’, Tertia Botha conquered the musical stages throughout Germany with her catchy voice and now embodies the character of Light with whose help the photographer Cameron overcomes his deep pain over the loss of his beloved muse. In the role of the flamboyant character Zeit, Olivier Erie St. Louis shines with his soulful voice and incomparable charm, which he has already demonstrated as a soloist in THE WYLD Grand Show.

These times are not always predictable. That’s why the Palace, as a state theatre, gives its guests a threefold feel-good promise:

  1. Safety during a visit to the theatre: the new state-of-the-art ventilation system exchanges the the volume of air in the auditorium and foyer with fresh air up to air.
  2. In the event of a performance cancellation, guests will automatically be refunded their money back, as the Palast does not have recourse to the legally possible legal voucher solution.
  1. If something unexpected occurs, every ticket purchased at the Palast can be can be changed to another date or voucher up to two hours before the performance. can be rebooked for another date or exchanged for a voucher. exchanged for a voucher.

This free triple guarantee is unique in the world for a theatre and only applies to tickets purchased from the Palace. This means that guests are always on the safe side.


ARISE is scheduled to run for at least 12 months. Tickets are available from 19.80 euros in advance at www.palast.berlin or from the ticket hotline 030-2326 2326. The Palast theatre box office will also be open again from July. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Revue shows are not musicals. Their inner coherence is based primarily on a pictorial, not textual, narrative. Therefore, the play is also suitable for guests with no knowledge of German.

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