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STRONG DUO. Berlin women art professors and their FLINT master students – Haus Kunst Mitte | 29.04.-24.07.2022

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This month Haust Kunst Mitte marks the opening of the exhibition STARKES DUO Berlin women art professors and their FLINT master students. The exhibition opens after a one-year renovation phase under the artistic direction and curation of art historian Dr. Anna Havemann.

Image above: Marlene Hundt, Valérie Favre, Credits: Birk Alisch

STARKES DUO presents eight internationally renowned women art professors with their FLINT master students. The professors Tina Bara, Karin Sander, Monica Bonvicini, Valérie Favre, Friederike Feldmann, Corinne Wasmuht, Ina Weber, and Jorinde Voigt were invited to select one or more of their master students. The result is a cross-generational and medially diverse presentation in which established and emerging FLINT artists enter into a dialogue.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Haus Kunst Mitte - Credits Birk Alisch 2
Carola Ernst, Credits: Birk Alisch

The concept of the exhibition is based on the questions that are highly topical for art and its institutions: Why do forms of discrimination such as the gender pay gap and the gender show gap, still exist in the art world? How can the canon, which is still cis-male-dominated today, be changed? And: (How) can art be taught and learned?

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Haus Kunst Mitte - Credits Birk Alisch 1
Valérie Favre, Credits: Birk Alisch

STRONG DUO represents the beginning of a new era. The invited professors are pioneers who were the first women to be appointed to professorships in their fields. As a result, they became trailblazers for a new generation of students and opened up access to networks, art institutions, and markets for aspiring FLINT artists. The exhibition shows that with the appointment of established women artists as professors, the artistic field becomes more inclusive. The works on display are not restricted in terms of content or style. The focus is rather on the enormous range of individual artistic attitudes and forms of expression. The media spectrum ranges from painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and performance to sound and video works. The collaborative presentation emphasizes the flat hierarchies that promote artistic dialogue.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Haus Kunst Mitte - Credits Birk Alisch 5
Marlene Hundt, Valérie Favre, Credits: Birk Alisch

Last but not least, STARKES DUO makes the internationality of the Berlin art scene visible: for all exhibiting professors, Berlin as an international art city plays an important role in their careers; the exhibiting master students have their roots in Germany, France, Israel, Sweden and Switzerland.

Participating artists: Professors/master students:
Tina Bara/Nadja Bournonville, Larissa Lackner, Sandra Schubert; Monica Bonvicini/N. N.; Valérie Favre/Carola Ernst, Stella Meris, Marlene Hundt; Friederike Feldmann/Charlotte Dualé, Shira Orion; Karin Sander/Sophia Pompéry; Jorinde Voigt/Anne Pfeifer, Sanja Henning, Paula Hoffmann; Corinne Wasmuht/Franziska Wolff, Johanna Wagner, Lea Gocht; Ina Weber/Teresa Mayr.

Artistic director of Kunst Haus Mitte and curator of the exhibition: Dr. Anna Havemann

FLINT stands for: (cis)Female, Lesbian, Intergender, Non-Binary, Transgender

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Haus Kunst Mitte - Credits Birk Alisch 3
Carola Ernst, Credits: Birk Alisch

About the venue

Haus Kunst Mitte is a new exhibition center for contemporary art in Berlin, centrally located near the main central train station and the Hamburger Bahnhof museum. The building complex, dating from 1870, was not damaged during World War II and offers 700 square meters of exhibition space on two floors. One focus of the exhibition program is Berlin-based artists. The size of the building makes it possible for artists’ associations and artists to also use the building as a place to work. It is owned by the Asyl der Kunst Stiftung, which aims to preserve this place permanently for art in times of increasing commercialization.


Opening: Thursday, 28. April 2022, 6:00 pm

Exhibition dates: Friday, 29. April – Sunday, 24. July 2022


Haus Kunst Mitte
Heidestraße 54
10557 Berlin

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