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Renaissance Theater shows the German-language premiere of Die zwei Päpste (The Two Popes) based on Anthony McCarten | 24.05.-06.06.2022

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The change of power in one of the highest offices in the world is looming: Pope Benedict XVI, a hardliner in the Holy See, publicly announces his resignation in 2013. And he suspects who his successor will be: Jorge Mario Bergoglio. A temporary doorman and caretaker in his younger years, the Argentinean rises to become Archbishop of Buenos Aires after training as a chemist and is appointed Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2001. He is regarded as a reformer and already in 2005, when Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope, Bergoglio was very close behind him.

Image above: f.l. Walter Sittler Walter Kreye, © Photo Bernd Brundert

With the intention of resigning his office, Benedict risks that the successor will frustrate his efforts to preserve the tradition of the Catholic Church against all contrary tendencies of the public. May he allow this to happen, or would he be forced to remain in office to the bitter end? To clarify this question, he summons Bergoglio to Rome. Bergoglio comes believing that his request to be allowed to retire is the reason for the invitation. To his surprise, he learns that he is being asked to join the spiritual dignitary’s struggle for survival. And even more surprising are the development and outcome of this fascinating confrontation.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Renaissance Theater - Die zwei Päpste - Imogen Kogge Walter Sittler Walter Kreye Ivy Lissack - (c) Foto Bernd-Brundert
f.l. Imogen Kogge Walter Sittler Walter Kreye Ivy Lissack, © Photo Bernd-Brundert

Especially in the current discussion about the positioning of the Catholic Church in modern society and the possibility of changes in its power structures, the play gains relevance. Moreover, the necessary exchange of blows between the adversaries is transferable to many areas where absolute power is still at stake.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Renaissance Theater - Die zwei Päpste - Walter Sittler Walter Kreye (c) Foto Bernd Brundert
f.l. Walter Sittler Walter Kreye, © Photo Bernd Brundert

Die Zwei Päpste based on Anthony McCarten
German premiere
German By Sonja Valentin

With: Walter Kreye, Walter Sittler, Imogen Kogge, Ivy Lissac
Direction: Guntbert Warns
Stage: Manfred Gruber
Costumes: Ariane Warns


Playing dates:
24.05.2022 – 19:30
25.05.2022 – 19:30
26.05.2022 – 19:30
27.05.2022 – 19:30
01.06.2022 – 19:30
02.06.2022 – 19:30
03.06.2022 – 19:30
04.06.2022 – 19:30
05.06.2022 – 18:00
06.06.2022 – 19:30

Playing time: approx. 150 minutes incl. intermission


Renaissance Theater
Knesebeckstraße 100
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg 

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