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Marianne Thies – HEAR – I AM – A participatory audio walk about hearing young voices during and after the pandemic | 29.09-08.10.2022

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Children’s voices – soft. What are they saying? Can we hear them at all – hear them properly? The actress and director Marianne Thies explores this question in her audio walk Hear – I am. From 29 September to 8 October, visitors can accompany Cassandra, the princess of Troy, on a journey. The character, who has her origins in Greek mythology, is the embodiment of the communication disorder. Cassandra had insight into the future and the past and suffered from the fact that her visions were not heard. Her fate is emblematic of our society’s inability to listen – at the expense of our children and young people.

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Although it was so quiet on the streets of Berlin during the lockdown – it was also so loud at the same time: Panic screamed from the social media mouths and opinions were many – from those who make opinions and act in the interests of the population. Who is the population – that was also the question Marianne Thies asked herself and looked not only once at the face of her daughter, whom she had never seen so sad before. “During the pandemic, our communication was disrupted, especially the youngest members of society were not heard. But what are the visions of the unheard, the children and youth of today? What does the post-pandemic future look like? One has to listen so that one can act. Listening is an active action that sometimes makes other actions possible. Only when I know the fears, needs and wishes of my counterpart can I act on them,” says Marianne Thies.

For her project Hear – I am, she has now spoken to over 50 children and young people and, above all, listened to them. The statements are sad and sometimes frightening – but above all they are food for thought and give us adults the opportunity to understand, so that we can ultimately take sustainable action:

“I don’t want to be understood, I want those who have the opportunity to make a difference,” said one young person to Marianne Thies, whose name, like all the other names and voices, remain anonymous.

In Hear – I am, walking together also turns listening into a communal experience. The walkers sometimes take on the perspective of the choir, sometimes that of the protagonists. An experience between closeness and distance, loneliness and belonging, which invites us to listen to the quiet voices of the pandemic, to reflect on our own pandemic experiences and to share visions. “Hear- I am ” is a playful plea for listening. A step back- or forward- into autonomy.

“Nice that you are here. It’s good that we are here together. It’s nice that you take the time. To listen.” – Quote from Hear – I am – Cassandra

“You don’t really know what to do any more. One day there, one day there, some parents say you should do this, but the teacher says you should do that, and then you don’t know what to do. And then you crawl into your room and you think. “Oh God, my head is exploding.” – anonymous voice from interview for Hear – I am

“I also need to see more friends. And in Corona you also need more peace from your parents or siblings. I need time off from my parents. Yes, that’s what I need: time off from my family.” – Anonymous voice from interview for Hear – I am

Short biographies

DEEDS NEWS - HearIamPortrait Marianne Thies

Marianne Thies (concept, direction)
Marianne Thies studied acting at the Rostock University of Music and Theatre from 2005-2009. After permanent engagements in Detmold and Paderborn, she has been working as a freelance actress since 2013. Stages included Heimathafen Neukölln, neue Bühne Senftenberg, Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel, Theater der Jugend Vienna. In 2015-2016, Marianne Thies completed the further education course “Lernkünste” – a cross-disciplinary further education course for arts and culture professionals with a biographical and participatory approach at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin. Since 2016, Marianne Thies has also worked as a lecturer for acting for ACT e.V., Schauspielschule Goldoni, SpielDich e.V., among others. In 2018, she conceived and realised the interactive play “Virolution” in collaboration with Charlotte Alten. Together with Simon Köslich, Florian and Mareike Hein, she developed the documentary spoken choir “Benno Ohnesorg- ein Chor erinnert” in 2019. Since 2020, Marianne Thies has been studying for a Master’s degree in “Cultural and Media Management” by distance learning at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre.

Second Side (sound design, sound editing)

Second Side was founded in 2014 by Berlin music producers Sebastian Döller and Fabian Fehrs. Second Side produces exciting psytrance, each track tells a story. The duo has played at festivals in Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Germany, among others. In addition to producing their own music, Second Side has scored several image films, was responsible for the sound editing and sound design of the documentary film “Elektropolis” by Anna Maria Schneider and created the soundscape for the theatre performance “Virolution” in 2018.


Th 29.09.22 – 6 p.m. – Premiere
Fr 30.09.22 – 6 p.m. 
Fr 07.10.22 – 6 p.m.
Sa 08.10.22 – 6 p.m.


10€, reduced 6€, plus advance booking fee – this way // Box office: 60 minutes before the start.

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