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ÜBERSCHAU #07 shows 200 under 2000 at CSR Contemporary Show Room | 09.12.2022-28.01.2023 – extended until 11.02.2023!

Editors’ Choice

200 artworks by around 75 artists from 15 countries will be presented in the CSR Contemporary Show Room from December 2022 – at a maximum price of EUR 2,000 per artwork. With an impressive and varied mix of different positions from painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, collage and concept by amongst others MK Kaehne, Kata Unger, Jan Brokof, Alexei Kostroma, Cornelia Renz, Isabella Martens + Aljoscha Seuß, Carla Chan, Römer + Römer, Claus Brunsmann, Margret Eicher, Caro Stark and many more (complete list of artists below), ÜBERSCHAU #07 continues the exhibition series in the CONTEMPORARY SHOW ROOM (CSR). The now seventh part of the ÜBERSCHAU (survey exhibition) opens with a public vernissage on Friday, 09.12.2022 from 7pm to 10pm. In addition to the 200 artworks, a selection of works will be offered that are above the title-giving price threshold of 2,000 EUR.

Image above: Invitation flyer “200 unter 2000” © CSR.ART

The idea behind “200 under 2000” is to show the diversity of art in Berlin. The team organising the exhibition and running the CSR wants to support as many artists as possible in post-pandemic times. “We also want to make it possible for all art enthusiasts to buy a work. After all, those who own a unique, handmade work of art often enjoy it for a lifetime. Art charges us emotionally, inspires, decorates, stimulates conversation. It demonstrates style, connoisseurship, sophistication. And through the purchase of contemporary art, not least, appreciation of the artists. Art is a statement. Not only of the artists, but also of the art buyers,” says Stephanie Schneider, co-initiator of the CSR and the exhibition.

DEEDS NEWS - CSR ART - 200 unter 2000 - Mascha Naumova
SOLD: Mascha Naumova, Breath Holding, Pigment print on Hahnemühle papier, 30 x 40 cm, framed 40 x 50 cm, Edition of 3 + 2 AP, 500 EUR

Participating artists ÜBERSCHAU #07 200 under 2000:

Gökçen Dilek Acay (*1983 Istanbul, TUR, Textile), Inna Artemova (*1972 Moskau, RUS / Painting), Konstantin Bayer (*1983 Gotha, DEU / Concept), Sabine Beyerle (*1975 Leonberg, DEU / Painting), Anna Bittersohl (*1981 Dachau, DEU / Painting), Theo Boettger (*1975 Meißen, DEU / Painting), Carolina Brack (*1984 Berlin, DEU / Wall objects, Light, Paper), Maxim Brandt (*1986 Kertsch, UKR / Painting), Benedikt Braun (*1979 Konstanz, DEU / Concept), Katrin Bremermann (*1965 Bremen, DEU / Painting), Jan Brokof (*1977 Schwedt/Oder, DEU / Collage), Claus Brunsmann (*Ahaus, DEU / Painting), Joanna Buchowska (*Olesnica, POL / Collage), Ulrike Buhl (*1967 Bad Boll, DEU / Wall objects), Romulo Celdrán (*1973, ESP / Malerei, Sculpture), Carla Chan (*1989 Hong Kong, CHN / Mixed Media), Claudia Chaseling (*1973 München, DEU / Mixed Media), Jeroen Cremers (*1972 Reuver, NLD / Sculpture), Kerstin Dzewior (*1975  Berlin, DEU / Painting), Grigori Dor (*1970 Ulan-Ude, RUS / Painting), Ofir Dor (*1972, ISR / Painting), Margaret Eicher (*1955 Viersen, DEU / Digital, Collage), Birgit Fechner (*1962 München, DEU / Painting), Frederik Foert (*1971 München, DEU / Concept), Enrico Freitag (*1981 Arnstadt, DEU / Painting), Julija Goyd (*1979 Vilnius, LTU/ Photography), Kathrin Henschler (*1980 Naumburg, DEU / Painting), Sebastian Herzau (*1980 Schönebeck, DEU / Painting), Peter Hock (*1962 Heidelberg, DEU / Drawing), Marc Jung (*1985 Erfurt, DEU / Mixed Media), M.K. Kaehne (*1963 Vilnius, LTU / Sculpture, Objects), Henning Kles (*1970 Hamburg, DEU / Mixed Media), Marta Klonowska (*1964 Warschau, POL / Contemporary Glas), Alexei Kostroma (*1962 Kostroma, RUS / Painting, Concept), Peer Kriesel (*1979 Berlin, DEU / Painting), Jiny Lan (*1970, Xiuyan, Provinz Liaoning, CHN / Painting, Mixed Media), Kathrin Landa (*1980 Tettnang, DEU / Painting), Caucasso Lee Jun (*1970 Shanghai, CHN / Photography), Miriam Lenk (*1975 Konstanz, DEU / Sculpture), Karla Marchesi (*1984 Brisbane, AUS / Painting), Isabella Martens + Aljoscha Seuß (*1993 Hamburg, DEU, *1990 Frankfurt/Main, DEU / Wall objects), Maviie Mauer (*1970 Kleinmachnow, DEU / Collage), Jonathan Meese (*1970 Tokyo, JPN, DEU / Painting, Sculpture), Estelle Meissner (*1995 Berlin, DEU / Painting), Martin Mohr (*1973 Mainz, DEU / Painting), Jan Muche (*1975 Herford, DEU / Painting), Mascha Naumova (*1984 Moscow, RUS / Concept, Photography, Video), Amelia Nin (*Durazno, URY / Textil), Adam Noack (*1984 Duisburg, DEU / Painting), Paul Reimert (*1954, Deventer, NLD † 2016 Berlin, DE  / Sculpture), Ana Renault (*, / Painting), Cornelia Renz (*1966 Kaufbeuren, DEU / Collage, Linocut), Nina Röder (*1983 Neuendettelsau, DEU / Photography), Römer + Römer (*1978 Moskau, RUS, *1968 Aachen, DEU / Painting), Victoria Rosenman (*1986 St. Petersburg, RUS / Photography), Daniel Sambo-Richter (*1966 Görlitz, DEU / Painting), Stefan Schiek (*1976 Ulm, DEU / Painting), Kerstin Serz (*1971 Parsberg/Oberpfalz, DEU / Painting), Semra Sevin (*, / Photography, Sculpture), Fabian Seyd (*1979 Königs Wusterhausen, DEU / Painting), Susanne Schirdewahn (*1970 Berlin-Charlottenburg, DEU / Painting), Nadja Schöllhammer (*1971 Esslingen am Neckar, DEU / Drawing), Caro Stark (*1961 Stuttgart, DEU / Painting), Daniel M. Thurau (*1974 Köthen/Anhalt, DEU / Painting), Tijana Titin (*1981 Zrenjanin, SRB / Painting), Leona Tobien (*1970 Karachi, PAK / Contemporary Ceramics), Kata Unger (*1961, Berlin, DEU / Painting), Armin Völckers (*1963 Berlin, DEU / Painting), Maria Volokhova (*Kiew, UKR, / Painting, Sculpture), Wiebke Maria Wachmann (*1969, DEU / Painting), Berit-Kristina Weiss (*1971 Berlin, DE / Painting), Lars Wild (*1981 Gotha, DEU / Drawing), Caspar Wülfing (*1992 Wuppertal, DEU / Painting), Xianwei Zhu (*1971 Qingdao, CHN / Painting)

DEEDS NEWS - CSR ART - 200 unter 2000 -Kata Unger - Key Looks I - 2018
Kata Unger, Key Looks I, 2018, Mixed media on paper, 34,8 cm x 24,5 cm, 900 EUR incl. frame

The CSR.ART exhibitions are organised by DEEDS.LAB gUG, a non-profit organisation for the promotion of art and culture. The aim is to promote artists and make their art visible. The experimental exhibition format at CSR.ART aims to create more openness and enthusiasm for contemporary art and increase its visibility. From the end of April to the end of June 2023, the temporary art project initiated by the non-profit DEEDS.LAB will present changing exhibitions in the 400 m² exhibition space in QUARTIER 205.

DEEDS NEWS - CSR ART - 200 unter 2000 - Alexei Kostroma-BILL 9 26 2022
Alexei Kostroma, BILL 9,26, from the series „SMALL BILLS“ 2022, oil on canvas, original bill, 30 x 25 cm, 2.000 EUR

ÜBERSCHAU #07 brings together international art by 75 contemporary artists from 15 countries. Australia, China, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Pakistan. Their works are shown in solo and group exhibitions. ÜBERSCHAU #06 FIGURATIV wants to arouse curiosity about these artists and encourage them to visit the gallery. To this end, CSR shows art away from the classic Berlin gallery quarters, in the heart of the city, and specifically to a mixed audience of long-time art enthusiasts and people not yet gripped by the passion for art.

DEEDS NEWS - CSR ART - 200 unter 2000 - Ana Renault
SOLD: Ana Renault, Violence Tenderness Grey, 2020, Chalk, Oil on Canvas, 130 x 90 cm, 1.700 EUR

The initiator and operator of the CSR CONTEMPORARY SHOW ROOM is the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin. Its aim is to make contemporary art and the work of its producers and gallery owners visible and supportive. It wants to reduce threshold fears and get more people excited about contemporary art. With the CSR, DEEDS.LAB tests new concepts and exhibition formats that arouse curiosity about art, make art education more attractive, create space for discourse and promote social interaction. To this end, DEEDS.LAB organises various events at the CSR. DEEDS.LAB is supported by the Berlin art exhibition portal ART@Berlin. www.artatberlin.com.

Isabella Martens & Aljoscha Seuß, Becoming Of Bodies 3, 2021, Polyethylene & plaster on wood, 74 x 57 x 20 cm (HBT), Unique, 1950 EUR

About DEEDS.LAB: Following the statement “To love art, you have to understand art”, the non-profit DEEDS.LAB from Berlin is working on formats for a more attractive way of communicating art. It wants to make the younger generation in particular curious about contemporary art. DEEDS.LAB sees an urgent need for formats with a new invitation and mediation culture to lower threshold fears and get more people excited about contemporary art. Art enthusiasts and young collectors must be found, interested, fascinated and built up in order to secure the existence of generations of future artists. In addition, DEEDS.LAB aims to promote artists and to exhibit and make visible contemporary art in the centre and public space of Berlin. In its exhibitions and events, the non-profit organisation facilitates, promotes and challenges discourse on art and its meaningfulness.

DEEDS NEWS - CSR ART - 200 unter 2000 - Jan Brokof - streetfight
Jan Brokof, streetfight, 2022, Collage, 30 x 22 cm, 980 EUR

About CSR: Unlike traditional galleries, CSR opens Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm, longer during events. The exhibitions are accompanied by vernissages and finissages, artist talks, readings and panel discussions. Guided tours of the exhibitions are available in various languages. On site, visitors can talk to artists in the context of events or deepen what they have seen with art books, art magazines and catalogues.

CSR Contemporary Show Room is made possible and supported by ART@Berlin UG, operator of various platforms for contemporary art (artatberlin.com, deeds.news, deeds.world, artcompass.berlin).


Friedrichstraße 67-70 (at Quartier 205 / front left to the road)
10117 Berlin-Mitte

ÜBERSCHAU #07 200 unter 2000

Opening: Friday, 09.12.2022
5 – 7 pm (VIP preview, by invitation only)
7 – 10 pm (public opening)

Duration: Tuesday, 06.12.2022 until Saturday, 28.01.2023 extended until Saturday, 11 February 2023

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 8:00 pm (longer during events)

IG @contemporaryshowroom
FB @contemporaryshowroom
#csrart #contemporaryshowroom

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