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Be fast! 50 Wild Cards for the ticket launch on 14.03.2023 at 10 am: HIMMEL UNTER BERLIN Vol. 2 | 10.05.-11.06.2023

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For the first time in over 100 years, the underground corridors of one of Europe’s largest steam engine factories will be opened up in Berlin and transformed into an art experience. In the spectacular exhibition HIMMEL UNTER BERLIN Vol. 2, which can only be visited with exclusive and limited tickets, visitors lose themselves in a dark reinforced concrete labyrinth the size of a football pitch. The location remains secret. It will only be announced 48 hours before it begins. The exhibition will run from 19 May to 11 June 2023. Exclusive ticket sales will start on 14 March 2023 at 10 am. In the text we will give you a link and our password to get 50 Wild Card tickets. It’s worth being quick.

Image above: Himmel unter Berlin Vol. 2, Door, visual

The experience

Imagine you are in a secret bar. Atmospheric music surrounds you, you are served a drink. A person guides you to a hidden door in an old closet. Behind the door, a journey into the minds of 10 artists awaits you. You walk through narrow catacombs, past ancient pumps and pipes that were the lifeline of steam engines weighing tons. Between cogwheels and old cooling basins, you can see expansive installations of light and sound. Most of the works are premieres, presented for the first time in “Himmel unter Berlin Vol. 2”.

DEEDS NEWS - Himmel unter Berlin 2 Boris Acket
Himmel unter Berlin Vol. 2, Boris Acket

The artists

Boris Acket
Lumus Instruments
So Kanno
Bianca Patricia Isensee
Kling Klang Klong
Nils Völker
Sven Sauer
Matthias Rodach
Marco Barotti
Alvaro Soler-Alpa
Bony Stoev

Trailer Himmel unter Berlin Vol. 2.

The Place

At the beginning of industrialisation, the largest steam engines in the world came from Berlin. During this time, gigantic hall complexes were built all over the city that were larger than today’s power station on Köpenicker Straße. Visitors to Himmel unter Berlin dive into the foundations of one of these halls. They lose themselves in a dark reinforced concrete labyrinth the size of a football field. The hall was originally a white-tiled showroom for the turbine manufacturer. A showcase for the gigantic machines, each weighing 7 tonnes and more than 15 metres long. Industrialists from all over the world came here to see these steel giants. For the first time in over 100 years, these corridors are open to visitors.

DEEDS NEWS - Himmel unter Berlin 2 Zahnrad
Himmel unter Berlin Vol. 2


Only 99 people have the opportunity to explore the darkness and the exhibition at the same time. The location is secret and guests are only informed 48 hours before their visit. Access to the tickets is by personal invitation only – namely the holders of the “Underground Card”. BUT here at DEEDS.NEWS and ART at Berlin we are giving away 50 access to so-called “Wild Cards”. This means that the first 50 bookings under this link and using the code below will be allowed to buy 2 tickets each (one for you and one for a companion), even if you don’t have an Underground Card yet. You can pick up your personalised Underground Card as listed below after purchasing your ticket.

Be fast – click on this link:


Enter the code word artatberlindarkness and you can buy up to 2 tickets. These must be personalised to you and your companion.

ATTENTION: Please pick up your personalised Undergroundcard at the bar of the Hotel Berlin Berlin (Lützowplatz 17, 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten) on 25.03. or 01.04.2023, both between 16-22h. On these evenings, the Himmel unter Berlin team will toast with you as a new “Himmel unter Berlin family member” and present you with your card.

IMPORTANT: On-site collection at the exhibition is NOT possible. This must be done in advance at the Hotel Berlin Berlin. You can only enter the exhibition on your booked day/slot by presenting your Underground Card, your personalised ticket and an ID document. Your companion can enter with you and their ticket.

DEEDS NEWS - Himmel unter Berlin 2 Undergroundcard
Himmel unter Berlin Vol. 2, Undergroundcard

Info on the Underground Card

Each guest received a personalised Underground Card at the first edition of “HIMMEL UNTER BERLIN Vol. 1”. Only holders of this card were entitled to purchase 2 tickets, one for themselves and one for a companion. This will also be the case for HIMMEL UNTER BERLIN Vol. 2. The organisers Sven and Clara Sauer explain the background of this principle: “Through this restriction, the ticket holder thinks carefully about which person might enjoy this art experience. This selection has already created an exciting company to share the evening with in 2022. The tickets were already sold out after 24 hours.”

DEEDS NEWS - Himmel unter Berlin 2_Sokanno
Himmel unter Berlin Vol. 2, So Kanno

The initiators

The two exhibition organisers Clara and Sven Sauer have created art events such as “The Dark Rooms Exhibition” or the “LOST Art Festival” over the past seven years. Behind each of these exhibitions is a psychological mechanism that is intended to make visitors engage with art again. For example, in “The Dark Rooms” only the artworks were illuminated – the rest of the building was plunged into pitch blackness. The visitors disappeared into this darkness. No selfies. No opportunity to stage oneself with Prosecco. The focus was only on the art. A simple mechanism, but one that met with great approval from Berlin’s art-interested guests.

The Conzept

HIMMEL UNTER BERLIN is a new experiment. The exhibition organisers have asked themselves the question: When do experiences of artworks solidify in our minds? Clara and Sven Sauer say: “One mechanism is the exchange with other people about what we have experienced. For example, if we see a play that touches us deeply, this experience is anchored much more strongly if we talk about it with other people directly after the performance. If we leave the theatre and go straight home, the experience flies away and is possibly not stored. We anchor experiences in our minds through conversations with other people. In Himmel unter Berlin, the guests meet with their friends in a red bar. For part of the evening, they are transported into an imaginative parallel world. After wandering through the underground catacombs of the exhibition, the visitors return to the bar where they can talk to their friends about what they have experienced. The conversations intensify what they have experienced and lead to a different perception of art.”


Friday, 19. May to Sunday, 11. June 2023


Secret! Will be announced 48 hours in advance


Only for Underground Card holders.
And for the friends of ART at Berlin and DEEDS.NEWS!
Be fast and get one of 50 WILD CARDS for YOUR UNDERGROUND CARD (link is activated from 14.03., 10 a.m.):


Pass word: artatberlindarkness

Please note that it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to pick up your Underground Card and ticket at the Hotel Berlin Berlin. For more information, please see the “Tickets” section in the red text area above.





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