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Anna Scherbyna + Uliana Bychenkova: How do we turn Salt into Sugar? GalerieETAGE im Museum Reinickendorf | 28.04.-13.08.2023

Editors’ Choice

Winners of the Dieter Ruckhaberle Award 2022/23 are the Ukrainian artists and curators Anna Scherbyna (*1988 in Zaporizhzhya) and Uliana Bychenkova (*1986 in Kerch), who have been living in Germany since March 2022.

Image above: Anna Scherbyna and Uliana Bychenkova, winners of the Dieter Ruckhaberle Award, at the Künstlerhof Frohnau, Photo: Kaya Behkalam

For their exhibition “How do we turn Salt into Sugar?” at Museum Reinickendorf, Scherbyna and Bychenkova have invited other artists to react to the museum’s permanent exhibition with site-specific interventions and commissoned artworks for the adjacent GalerieETAGE, Reinickendorf’s municipal gallery.

DEEDS NEWS - Anna Scherbyna & Uliana Bychenkova - The Cave of the Golden Rose, Ausstellungsansicht - Kiew 2019
Anna Scherbyna & Uliana Bychenkova: The Cave of the Golden Rose, exhibition view, Kiev 2019

The museum is located in the north of Berlin and used to be a museum of local history. Today it combines ethnological and archaeological, contemporary historical and artistic exhibitions. Against the background of the experience of the physical and psychological loss of home, the artists critically look at the concept of cultural heritage, Heimat, and Gemütlichkeit, which are on display here.

“We see ourselves as “privileged refugees”, but we do not want to be content with fitting into the system, we want to share our defiant dreams of a new world. Being displaced, we find ourselves in creative processes of assimilation, archiving, undermining and construction. Moments of invasion, contamination, affection, and fermentation. And wondrous transformations, like that of salt into sugar. “

Anna Scherbyna and Uliana Bychenkova.

Ball Night of Exile
Friday, 28 April 2023, 7.30 pm

On 28 April, Anna Scherbyna and Uliana Bychenkova will host a performative and participatory “Ball Night of Exile” at Ballhaus Wedding, an enchanted place of the 19th century Belle Époque. As an open evening for everyone and especially Ukrainians and others in exile, the ball is a space for cultural exchange and engagement, offering the possibility to change cultural perspectives and perceptions and to think of a different, more radical and performative idea of Willkommenskultur. 

With Kateryna Aliinyk, Kateryna Berlova, Uliana Bychenkova, Giorgio D’Ausilio, Taras Gembik, Nastia Hrychkovska, Olexandr Ieltsyn, Henriëtta Jonkblutt, Ray Kaczynski, Iryna Kudria and Anna Scherbyna

Ballhaus Wedding
Wriezener Str. 6
13359 Berlin
ÖPNV: S Bornholmer Straße

DEEDS NEWS - Anna Scherbyna & Uliana Bychenkova - Deer and Spinning-wheel - Ausstellungsansicht, Stanytsia Luhansk, 2018
Anna Scherbyna & Uliana Bychenkova: Saber, Deer and Spinning-wheel, Ausstellungsansicht, Stanytsia Luhansk, 2018

About the Dieter Ruckhaberle Award 

The Dieter Ruckhaberle Award exists since 2019. It has been initiated by Künstlerhof Frohnau e.V. and the municipal art office of Berlin Reinickendorf. It is aimed at professional visual artists who find innovative forms for addressing political, social or ecological subject matter in their practice.

Dieter Ruckhaberle has played a decisive role in shaping the cultural scene in (West) Berlin since the 1960s and has tirelessly campaigned for better working conditions for artists; always promoting that the freedom of art is only guaranteed if artists can produce free of economic pressure. Ruckhaberle was co-initiator and co-founder of IG Medien, the Künstlersozialkasse and numerous art institutions such as the nGbK and the Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin, of which he was director for many years.

The award comes with a two-month residency at Künstlerhof Frohnau, which is located in the midst of the Frohnau forest. It offers the opportunity for concentrated work and thinking, long walks, conversations, collaborations and exchanges with other artists and guests. The following year, a public presentation or exhibition is organized at the municipal gallery GalerieETAGE at Museum Reinickendorf.

Since 2021, the prize has been awarded through a nomination process. Fifteen people from the international cultural scene each nominated one artist, from whom the jury finally selected the current recipients. Last year’s jury members were Rike Frank, co-director of European Kunsthalle and executive director of the Berlin Artistic Research grant program; Solvej Helweg Ovesen, artistic director of Galerie Wedding; Setareh Shahbazi, artist, Berlin; Jan Verwoert, author, art critic and curator; Dr. Sabine Ziegenrücker, director of the municipal art office Reinickendorf, Department of Art and History.

About Künstlerhof Frohnau e.V.

Künstlerhof Frohnau (KHF) is a place of concentrated thinking, working and exchange on the production of and discourse around art. In 2023 it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Located in the north of Berlin, the Künstlerhof offers a site and scenery that is unique in the city: secluded and idyllic in the midst of dense forests. In addition to the more than 40 artists who live and work here permanently, the KHF is also a temporary refuge for international guests: protagonists from the fields of art, science and theory gather here regularly for symposia and residencies.

Since 1998, the Künstlerhof has been run by a non-profit association that regularly organizes exhibitions and cultural programs. Since 2019, KHF offers the Dieter Ruckhaberle Award and is working toward building an international platform around questions regarding political, social and ecological sustainability and solidarity.

KHF manages the artistic estate of Dieter Ruckhaberle and his extensive archive on cultural politics, which can be viewed by appointment. Annually recurring events such as the Open Studios or the Walden Festival for contemporary music and performance regularly address a wider audience.

Künstlerhof Frohnau
Hubertusweg 60
13465 Berlin
ÖPNV: Bus 125 Hubertusweg 


GalerieETAGE im Museum Reinickendorf
Alt-Hermsdorf 35
13467 Berlin 



Thursday, 27 April 2023, 6.30 pm

Exhibition days:

Friday, 28 April – Sunday, 13 August 2023

Sunday-Friday 9 am-5 pm

closed on Saturdays


Free entry

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