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BBA Artist Prize 2023 | 25.04.-06.05.2023

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For the 8th time in a row, the BBA Artist Prize will be awarded to emerging artists from all over the world. The BBA Artist Prize exhibition featuring the 22 finalist artists will be on view at Kühlhaus Berlin from 25 April 2023. The announcement of the winners will take place during the Gallery Weekend on 29 April. The 1st prize includes a solo exhibition at BBA Gallery (Berlin-Mitte). In addition, the first three places will be presented in a group exhibition at the CSR Contemporary Show Room in Friedrichstraße.

Image above: Oscar Isaias Contreras Rojas

To ensure a high level of expertise and an unbiased assessment, an independent jury of experts will decide on the nominees. On 29 April 2023, at 8pm, the winners will be announced as part of the group exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin. In the course of the 1st prize, a solo exhibition will be offered at the BBA Gallery in Berlin Mitte. The first three places will additionally be shown in a group exhibition at the CSR Contemporary Show Room, in May 2023. The special exhibition is initiated by the non-profit DEEDS.LAB and supported by DEEDS.NEWS – The Art Newspaper for Berlin.

DEEDS NEWS - BBA Artist Prize 2023 - neu

The BBA Artist Prize aims to discover emerging talent and give them entry into the art world. By participating in the international competition, applicants from all over the world can demonstrate their talent. The BBA Gallery places particular emphasis on offering a stage to artists of all ages and career stages – regardless of origin, gender or educational background. What counts is the authenticity, uniqueness and professionalism of their work. The BBA Gallery team is driven by the desire to discover and promote exceptional forms of artistic expression across borders.


Kühlhaus Berlin
Luckenwalder Str. 3
10963 Berlin



Tuesday, 25 April 2023 at 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Event period:

Wednesday, 26 April – Saturday, 6 May 2023
Open daily 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Award Ceremony:

Saturday, 29 April 2023, 8:00 pm (event start 6:00 pm)

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