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Outsource 2 – Uferhallen | 06.04.-23.07.2023

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From 6 April 2023, the second edition of Outsource will take place in the Uferhallen. Numerous artists from the field of sculpture will participate.

Fig.above: outsource 2, Postkarte

The Uferhallen in Wedding are an important place of cultural exchange and an integral part of the cultural scene and urban society, whose continued existence has been in limbo for many years. On the forecourt of the Uferhallen, and thus visible to all, a neighbourhood meeting place is to be developed that will be used in a participatory manner by the neighbours and tenants of the Uferhallen grounds. The outsource project (25.09.-18.12.2021) was already intended as a meeting place for many, and the central concern of the outsource 2 project is to continue, establish and expand this idea. Within the framework of the project, artists are invited to develop sculptures for the outdoor space on the forecourt of the Uferhallen from April to July 2023.

DEEDS NEWS -Uferhallen-Wedding-Stefan-Alber-und-Peter-Dobroschke-SOS-2019-Copyright-Stefan-Alber-Peter-Dobroschke
Uferhallen Wedding, Stefan Alber and Peter Dobroschke, SOS 2019, Copyright Stefan Alber & Peter-Dobroschke

Unintentionally, this project now takes on a symbolic character: once again, the cultural location is on the brink of extinction – the planned development plan procedure has failed. This means that the more than 90 artists on site are once again in jeopardy. The Uferhallen as a location for art and culture could be sacrificed to profit interests in the future, as is the case everywhere in the city.

With his design for a basic sculpture, Peter Dobroschke has made direct reference to the situation in the Uferhallen. His work, which also serves as a pedestal for the artists’ sculptures, refers to the imminent relocation of his studio space on site.

“As an exaggerated image of my willingness to compromise, I make my studio wall available here as a floor for the new and thus also as the basis of rotated visual axes.”

Peter Dobroschke

Felix Kultau creates material as well as emotional and nostalgic collages with his sculptures. They not only make use of a material and drawing pool, but also of the experience and memory values associated with them. Kultau works predominantly with raw industrial as well as found materials such as concrete, MDF, fluorescent tubes or brass, which, even when processed, rarely lose their objet trouvé character.

Over the next four months, the focus will be on seven female artists whose abstract/formal works have a political/social impact. In sequence, Ronnie Deelen, Layla Nabi, Nicola Staeglich & Anke Völk, Tilman Wendland, Elisabeth Rosenthal and Andrea Pichl will each present a sculpture in dialogue with the architecture of the Uferhallen or the social situation of the artists working there.

A project of Uferhallen e.V., curated by Antje Blumenstein and Christian Henkel


Uferstraße 8
13357 Berlin-Wedding


Thursday, 06 April – Sunday, 23 July 2023

Opening exhibition series
April 2021, 6 – 9 pm, Presentation Basic Sculpture

Derailed Wall – Peter Dobroschke
Opening sculpture

The Future Smiled Bright – Felix Kultau

More openings

Ronnie Deelen 27.04.2023, 6 pm
Layla Nabi 11.05.2023, 5 pm
Nicola Staeglich/Anke Völk 25.05.2023, 6 pm
Tilman Wendland 08.06.2023, 6 pm
Elisabeth Rosenthal 22.06.2023, 6 pm
Andrea Pichl 06.07.2023, 6 pm

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