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paper positions 2023 | 27.04.-30.04.2023

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From 27 to 30 April 2023, parallel to the Gallery Weekend, the seventh paper positions berlin will take place at the Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz in Berlin-Mitte. This year, 56 galleries from 12 countries will exhibit 119 artistic positions from 25 countries. 19 galleries, more than a third, are new to the event.

Image above: paper positions berlin 2022, Credits Clara Wenzel-Theiler

With its focus on the medium of paper, paper positions creates a space for discovery. Paper shows itself from the most diverse sides, forms and transforms itself. At paper positions berlin, the medium becomes the main actor. Aspects such as form, format, plasticity or spatial conception play an important role in the artistic debate. Paper acquires volume, is airy, light, transparent or fragile, but at the same time equally stable, hard or compact. The material paper is unique in its immediacy and opens up a wide spectrum of creative and technical possibilities.

With Christiane Löhr at Galerie Werner Klein from Cologne, black lines stretch across the white paper in a minimalist manner and like fine cracks or ramifications.

DEEDS - Alles Wunderbar_2021_Courtesy artist and Anna Laudel Gallery Photo Ardan Oezmenoglu
A. Özmenoğlu, Alles Wunderbar, 2021, Silk print on post_it notes (2), Courtesy of the artist and Anna Laudel Gallery. Photo by Ardan Özmenoglu

Ardan Özmenoğlu’s Post-its pile up in Anna Laudel’s work from Düsseldorf/ Istanbul/ Bodrum and take on animal dimensions, reminiscent of feathers.

DEEDS - cave-ayumigallery_naoto-kumagai_integrate_2020_Courtesy of the gallery-min
Naoto Kumagai, integrate, 2020, Cave-Ayumigallery, Courtesy of the gallery

Naoto Kumagai, shown by the Cave-Ayumigallery from Tokyo, plays with blurring, making viewers stagger pleasantly, and Raha Khosroshahi, in the bunk of the O Gallery from Tehran, creates pictorial worlds between bloody threat and sweet shop.

DEEDS - O Gallery - Raha Khosroshahi - Untitled - 2020 - Courtesy of the gallery-min
O Gallery, Raha Khosroshahi, Untitled, 2020, Courtesy of the gallery

In addition, three prizes will again be awarded at this year’s fair: The paper positions award, the paper art award and the Leue & Nill Award. The LEUE & NILL Award is presented annually to the best presentation of a gallery at paper positions berlin. When awarding this prize, the quality of the works shown plays just as important a role as the professional hanging at the stand, which deals with the artistic content shown in a special curatorial way. The award-winning gallery receives substantial financial support for its participation in the fair from our partner and sponsor LEUE & NILL.

DEEDS - paper positions berlin 2022_Credits Clara Wenzel-Theiler-2855-min
paper positions berlin 2022, Credits Clara Wenzel-Theiler

With the PAPER ART AWARD, paper positions together with the museum “Haus des Papiers” annually honours artists who deal with the material paper in an outstanding, stimulating and independent way. This prize is sponsored and made possible by Canon, d’mage and Hahnemühle. The prize money totalling 36,000 euros will be used by the museum to purchase works by the award-winning artists. Last year’s winners are Afshan Daneshvar, Goekhan Erdogan, Aja von Loeper and Lisa Tiemann.

paper positions berlin 2022, Credits Clara Wenzel-Theiler

paper positions berlin has been presenting the paper positions award since 2019, and this year the award is made possible by the Kaiserwetter agency. The award, which is given exclusively to female artists, recognises an outstanding contemporary position on the subject of drawing and the medium of paper and includes a special presentation in the following year. The award is also to be understood as a clear commitment to more visibility for women artists in the art market. This year, works by last year’s winner, Maija Kurševa (MĀKSLA XO, Riga), will be shown.

Maija Kurseva (detail) @ MĀKSLA XO (1)

In addition, the trade fair team has initiated the fundraising campaign “100 for a hundred” to directly support Ukraine and the people fleeing from there. Together with the artist Katharina Stadler, a work of art was created that will be sold in an edition of 100 pieces for 100 euros each at paper positions berlin. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to humanitarian causes. The entire proceeds will be transferred to the aid organisation “Be an Angel e.V.”. – an initiative of people from media, culture and marketing who are committed to the sustainable integration of people with a history of flight.

DEEDS - Katharina Stadler_100fuerhundert_Edition_2023_Credit_Clara Wenzel-Theiler-min
Katharina Stadler, 100 für hundert Edition, 2023, Untitled, 40 x 30 cm, Credit Clara Wenzel-Theiler

Katharina Stadler (*1995, Oberhausen) lives and works in Düsseldorf. In her works she combines and collages figures, letters, concrete and abstract forms. Everything happens at the same time, so that a kind of mood board emerges in the juxtaposition of her works, which distils the oblique, vulnerable, dark and cheerful sides of social life. The fundraising campaign is realised in cooperation with the Handsiebdruckerei Berlin and with the support of the Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank.

From small-format drawings to large paper webs or sculptural works, paper shows all its facets and creates a low-threshold access. paper positions berlin offers both established and prospective collectors a broad spectrum of high-quality contemporary, modern and 19th century art. Time for new impulses!


Press Preview
Thu, 27. April, 12 – 14 hrs

Professional Preview
Thu, 27. April, 14 – 18 hrs (only with VIP ticket)

Official Opening
Thu, 27. April, 18 – 21 hrs

Visitor days
Fri, 28. April, 12 – 14 hrs (only with VIP ticket)
Fri, 28. April, 14 – 18 hrs
Sat, 29. April, 11 – 20 hrs
Sun, 30. Mai, 11 – 18 hrs

Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz
Französische Straße 33 a-c
10117 Berlin-Mitte


regular 18 EUR | reduced 10 EUR | Opening 18 EUR

Public Transport
U2: Hausvogteiplatz
U5/U6: Unter den Linden
Bus 147: Werderscher Markt

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