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Saarländische Galerie shows Emma Adler with HOLISTIC PARANOIA | 26.04.-04.06.2023

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Saarländische Galerie presents the exhibition HOLISTIC PARANOIA by the artist Emma Adler from 26 April 2023. With immersive spatial installations, Emma Adler casts a spotlight on the shallows of the internet, examines human perception as the key to understanding the world and questions supposed certainties about the relationship between reality and media representation.

Fig.above: Ausstellungsansicht, Emma Adler 7HE GREA7 RESE7, 2022, Galerie Martinetz, Köln, Photo: Tamara Lorenz

Conspiracy narratives are at the centre of her work. These also determine the focus of her current series of works: begun in 2020, she takes up the aggravation of the subject matter and illuminates conspiracyist concepts in today’s “post-factual” age between pandemic and populism.

After SIMULATOR [SIC!]NESS (Zeppelinmuseum Friedrichshafen, 2021) and 7HE GREA7 RESE7 (Galerie Martinetz, Cologne, 2022), Saarländische Galerie presents the third part of the series at Gallery Weekend. The installations build on each other like different levels of a video game. The aesthetics are also reminiscent of the virtual worlds of first-person shooters.

In HOLISTIC PARANOIA, cable branches, mutated monitor holders, synchronised devices and rendered nature form the gloomy backdrop of a cult site. In the centre, a large, gothic-looking object, of uncertain origin. Altar or avatar? Who is being worshipped here?

DEEDS NEWS - Courtesy of Saarlaendische Galerie - 7HE-GREA7-RESE7-2022-Installation-View-Martinetz-Cologne-Photo-T.Lorenz2
Ausstellungsansicht, Emma Adler 7HE GREA7 RESE7, 2022, Galerie Martinetz, Köln, Photo: Tamara Lorenz

HOLISTIC PARANOIA focuses on the excesses of conspiracy belief and paranoia as a substitute for religion, as well as on the – mainly white male – protagonists. The installation focuses on the crude mixture of esotericism, Nazi-esque nature and misogynistic male cult.


Emma Adler, born in Besch, studied fine arts in Saarbrücken and Berlin. Until 2015, she was a master student of Else Gabriel at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. Adler’s work has been shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including at the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, the Neuer Kunstverein Gießen, the Kunsthaus Dahlem, the Kunstverein Bremerhaven, the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen and the KINDL Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin. In 2021 Emma Adler was a scholarship holder of the ZF Kunststiftung. In 2022 she received a working scholarship from the Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn and is a fellow of the Akademie der Künste Berlin in 2023.


Saarländische Galerie – Europäisches Kunstforum e.V.
Charlottenstr. 3
10969 Berlín


Opening: 26 April 2023, 6 – 10 pm
Introduction: Laura Helena Wurth, author, art critic, Berlin
Exhibition: 26 April – 4 June 2023

Opening hours during Gallery Weekend:

Friday, 28 April, 12 – 22 pm, Saturday, 29 April, 12 – 20 pm,
Sunday, 30 April, 12 – 18 pm


U6 Kochstraße/Checkpoint Charlie
M29 Charlottenstraße

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