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A touch of playfulness – Stiftung Reinbeckhallen | 08.09.-19.11.2023

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Addressing the health, social and emotional consequences of the pandemic for children and young people is an important social task. The Stiftung Reinbeckhallen is taking this as an opportunity to open an exhibition this autumn that is primarily aimed at children and young people. Under the programmatic title a touch of playfulness, it offers children and young people a varied art experience and enables all visitors to approach and deal with contemporary art in a playful way.

Fig. above: Clemens Tremmel, Foroyar, 2018 © Clemens Tremmel, Courtesy of REITER Galerie and the artist

The pandemic of the last three years has been very challenging and depriving for people around the world. Children and adolescents have suffered the most, and at the same time they have probably had the least lobby for their interests. Their lives have been turned upside down. The subtitle of the exhibition picks up on this figuratively, reverses the roles and responsibilities within the family and gives young people a new status. Addressing the health, social and emotional consequences of the pandemic for children and young people is an important social task.

DEEDS NEWS - Rei Naito - a touch of playfulness -Rei Natio - LOOCK Galerie
Rei Naito, color beginning, 2021 © Rei Naito, Courtesy of LOOCK Galerie, Berlin

The Reinbeckhallen Foundation is taking this as an opportunity to open an exhibition this autumn that is primarily aimed at children and young people. Under the programmatic title a touch of playfulness, it offers children and young people a varied art experience and enables all visitors to approach and deal with contemporary art in a playful way.

a touch of playfulness shows films, installations, mixed media works, paintings, photographs, video projections and sculptures by twenty-one female artists from Germany and abroad. The works, created between the late 1970s and the early 2020s, provide an insight into the collections of the Reinbeckhallen Foundation and its founder Sven Herrmann. Grouped thematically, the artworks encourage us to reflect on how we see the world around us and how we engage with it. At the same time, we also discover how these artists address similar concepts such as perspective, time, materiality, identity and technology in different but playful ways across media and continents.

DEEDS NEWS - Sebastian-Neeb - a touch of playfulness - Sebastian Neeb - REITER Galerie
Sebastian Neeb, White Hands, Blue Sausage, 2019 © Sebastian Neeb, REITER Galerie

The works in the exhibition are presented on various modules whose geometric shapes are reminiscent of parts of a tangram, a game of legerdemain that originated in China 2,500 years ago. Legend has it that a monk once instructed his disciple to go on a journey and paint the diverse beauty of the world on a single ceramic tablet. On his return, the panel fell to the ground and broke into seven pieces. The student tried unsuccessfully for days to put the board back together into a square. Finally, he understood that he could also discover the beauty and diversity of the world in the infinite number of shapes, images and patterns from the seven parts of his broken ceramic tablet, if he put the parts together again and again in a different way.

DEEDS NEWS - Raissa-Venables - a touch of playfulness - Aimee's Staircase - Raissa Venables
Raissa Venables, Aimee’s Staircase, 2003 © Raissa Venables

The exhibition modules in a touch of playfulness take up this basic idea. While a variety of images and figures can be created in play, the exhibition architecture inspired by the Tangram encourages visitors to move freely through the exhibition space and view the art from a variety of angles and perspectives. For children and young people, we offer an exploration sheet at the entrance that leads in an entertaining way to seven selected works of art and inspires them to become creative themselves. The aim is to collect the shapes of a tangram, with which the exhibition visit in turn leads to a game.

DEEDS NEWS - Yoshihiro-Suda - a touch of playfulness -Yoshihiro-Suda - LOOCK Galerie
Yoshihiro Suda, Amaryllis, 2004 © Yoshihiro Suda, Courtesy of LOOCK Galerie, Berlin

Artists of the exhibition

Fides Becker, Fischli & Weiss, Peter Funch, Miklos Gaál, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Sam Grigorian, Sigalit Landau, Martin Liebscher, Niko Luoma, Rei Naito, Sebastian Neeb, Marilène Oliver, Jyrki Parantainen, Dan Perjovschi, Charles Sandison, Yoshihiro Suda, Clemens Tremmel, Santeri Tuori, Raissa Venables und Zhao Zhao

Programme for the whole family

Children, young people and adults are cordially invited to take up the playful approach to the exhibition as an impulse and to express their own views and thoughts with visual means. The accompanying offers are intended to encourage people to encounter a complex environment with improvisation, imagination and inspiration, to reflect on socially relevant issues and to develop their own visions. The results of some of the workshops will be presented as visual commentaries in the exhibition.

Workshops for children and young people

Patterns on the road surface
After visiting a touch of playfulness, the children, like the artists in the exhibition, experiment with different materials and artistic techniques. With the mobile print workshop, the participants go into the urban space around the Reinbeckhallen and make patterns and hidden structures visible on the street surface. The results will be presented in the exhibition. The workshops will take place as part of KinderKulturMonat under the guidance of Ulrike Koloska, director of Werkstatt Neue Drucke, and other Berlin-based artists.Sa. | 07. and 14.10.2023 | 10 a.m.-3 p.m. | for children aged 9-12 | free of charge

Paper Worlds
In the workshop of the Armenian artist Sam Grigorian, participants can develop their own ideas of a city in the project space of the Reinbeckhallen Foundation with paper and paint, based on his works from the City series shown in the exhibition. Together with Grigorian, they will experiment with various techniques of collage, decollage and overpainting and produce a large wall piece together with him.
Sat. | 30.09.2023 | 15-17 h | for children and young people aged 9-15 | 15 EUR

Art Game: Manifestos!
In a five-day intensive workshop, the pupils of a 5th grade primary school at the Alte Feuerwache will develop their own artistic positions in dialogue with the exhibition objects. They will discuss topics from their own lives and thoughts on the current state of society and look for intersections in the exhibition. Texts, invented titles and drawing sketches will be created, which will have an effect on the exhibition space as commentaries in the form of text-image compositions in a self-curated presentation. The school project will be carried out by Ulrike Koloska, director of the Neue Drucke workshop, and the Berlin-based artist Angelika Ludwig.
October 2023 | free of charge

Workshop for adults

The work of the Armenian artist Sam Grigorian encompasses a broad spectrum of works on paper, collages and décollages. They reveal not only his interest in the subtle processes of layering and abrasion, as well as the special relationship he cultivates with the medium of paper, but also his characteristic formal repertoire of geometric ordering principles and the colourfulness of his works. After Grigorian briefly introduces his artistic work, the participants will experiment with papers and colours themselves in the project room of the Reinbeckhallen Foundation. Together they will create a large-format mural on a special paper processed by the artist himself. Materials and tools from his studio will be available for the various techniques of (de-)collaging and overpainting.
Sat., Sun. | 28 and 29.10.2023 | both from 15-17 h | 20 EUR


Reversed Manifesto
British artist Charles Sandison is known for projecting his works onto gallery walls and buildings. Using a genetic algorithm that slowly eats into Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto, Sandison created Reversed Manifesto in 2006. This single-channel video projection will be shown several times at Reinbeckhallen as part of the exhibition a touch of playfulness.
Fridays | 6.10.-17.11.2023 | each 18-20 hrs.
Lounge of the exhibition hall | Admission with exhibition ticket

Guided tours

With Derya Reinalda, cultural scientist
Sun., 8.10. | 22.10. | 12.11.2023 | each 3 p.m.

With Derya Reinalda, cultural scientist
Sun., 15.10. | 29.10.2023 | each 3 pm

With Dr. Candice M. Hamelin, curator and artistic director
Fri., 22.09. | 06.10. | 17.11.2023 | each 6 p.m.

Individual group tours can be booked on request and by appointment.

Information on the exhibition programme can be found on our website at https://stiftung-reinbeckhallen.de/programm/programm-zur-ausstellung/


Reinbeckhallen Foundation – Collection of Contemporary Art
Reinbeckstr. 11
12459 Berlin-Oberschöneweide


Friday, September 8 – Sunday, November 19, 2023

Opening hours Stiftung Reinbeckhallen:
Thu-Fri 4pm-8pm, Sat-Sun & Holidays 11am-20 pm


Admission ticket 9 Euro, reduced ticket 4 Euro

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