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MEAT UTOPIA. A SOLARPUNK EXHIBITION – P61 Gallery | 22.09.-08.10.2023

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The group show MEAT UTOPIA – A SOLARPUNK EXHIBITION will be shown at the P61 Gallery in Berlin-Schöneberg from 22 September 2023. It offers insights into the world of solar punk. Unlike the gloomy and dystopian atmosphere of cyberpunk, solarpunk is characterised by an optimistic perspective on the future. This art movement creates encouraging worlds based on the community’s management of the ecological crisis. The exhibition presents 47 installations on three themes, created by 31 international artists. It is sponsored by The Vegetarian Butcher.

Image above: (f.l.t.r.) Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz, Alexandra Roslik, Digital Alchemy Studio, Eli Johnson, Orhan Izmirlier

MEAT UTOPIA – A SOLARPUNK EXHIBITION is dedicated to the emerging movement of solar punk and presents their artistic approaches to solving the current disparity between humans, animals and nature. On two levels, it offers hopeful and colourful insights into a world in which technology is used to solve ecological and social problems in a holistic and community-based way in the form of utopias.

DEEDS NEWS - Digital Meat Utopia Alchemy Studio
© Digital Alchemy Studio

The exhibition presents works by 31 artists, including pioneers of the solar punk movement such as Rita Fei, Félix Riaño and the internationally renowned design studio Karakter. In addition to these established artists, young talents are also represented with new works. The digital artworks often show fantastic nature motifs in combination with unused technology or architecture, from ornamental art nouveau-inspired works to photorealistic depictions.

DEEDS NEWS - Digital Meat Utopia Alchemy Studio 2
© Digital Alchemy Studio

A special focus of the exhibition is the role of nutrition, especially meat consumption, in shaping a future worth living. In addition to the existing Solarpunk artworks, there are exhibits on display that use artificial intelligence to creatively illuminate the relationship between humans, animals and food.

Participating artists

Till Nowak
Karakter Design
Sven Sauer
Alex Rommel
Amanda Assumpção
Asher Ben
Enora Mercier
Eli Johnson
Jimmy P. Duda
Rita Fei
Derek Redican
Dragos Ioneanu
Alexander Gürten
Mariette Korf
Orhan Izmirlier
Emilio Alarcón
Rank SSS
Félix Riaño
The Museum of Natural Futures
Alexandra Roslik
Digital Alchemy Studio
Robin Garrett
Sean Bodley
Daniel Köhler

MEAT UTOPIA – A SOLARPUNK EXHIBITION enables people to engage with artistic visions of a sustainable and harmonious future while making a positive contribution to food transformation. The exhibition supports ProVeg International, a food organisation working for the transformation of the global food system, with a donation of 2 euros per ticket sold.

DEEDS NEWS - P61 Gallery - Meat Utopia Jimmy P. Duda
© Jimmy P. Duda

In addition to the exhibition, visitors can also enjoy a visit to the Artbar with music.


Friday, 22nd September to Sunday, 8. October 2023

Mon – Fri noon – 8:00 pm
Sat + Sun 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


P61 Gallery
Potsdamer Str. 61
10785 Berlin-Schöneberg


U Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park
U Bülowstraße
U Kurfürstenstraße


12 EUR
9 EUR reduced

Tickets can be purchased HERE

The organiser offers 100% free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, free e-ticket delivery by email, secure payment processing and cancellation protection.

Learn more about the exhibition.

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