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New opening: Luisa Catucci Gallery moves to Berlin-Mitte

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On 23 February 2024, Luisa Catucci Gallery will open its new gallery location on Brunnenstraße in Berlin-Mitte. The relocation of the gallery, run by gallery owner Luisa Catucci, from Berlin-Neukölln to one of the capital’s most attention-grabbing art districts brings with it new potential. At the same time, the now vacant Neukölln gallery space will be transformed into a place to promote young talent in the form of artist residencies with accompanying exhibitions and discussion formats.

Image above: Room view Luisa Catucci Gallery Brunnenstraße, courtesy of Luisa Catucci Gallery

After fifteen active years in Schillerkiez-Neukölln, Luisa Catucci Gallery is opening a new chapter and moving into the historic premises of Galerie Lacke&Farben at Brunnenstrasse 170, Berlin-Mitte, an elegant art venue over two floors with eight rooms. The area is surrounded by several key players in the German capital’s vibrant art scene.

This strategic move not only increases the visibility of the gallery, but also marks a significant transformation for the previous gallery location Schillerkiez: the former gallery space will be reborn as LC ART LAB and serve as a vibrant centre for artist residencies, exhibitions and art-related discussions with a focus on promoting emerging talent.

DEEDS NEWS - Luisa Catucci Gallery - Neueroeffnung Brunnenstrasse - Flyer-min
New Opening Luisa Catucci Gallery, Flyer

For the opening exhibition “IT’S A NEW DAWN, IT’S A NEW DAY” at the new location of the Luisa Catucci Gallery in Berlin-Mitte, Luisa Catucci presents a dialogue between the Italian artist Matteo Montani and the German artist Julia Benz. This symbolises the identity of the Luisa Catucci Gallery itself and emphasises the harmonious collaboration between the two different cultural contexts that reside at its core.

Matteo Montani, courtesy Luisa Catucci Gallery

Through their striking works, both Matteo Montani and Julia Benz explore the philosophical relationship between humanity, light and sky. In the visual language of symbolism, light and sky have a profound meaning as messengers of new beginnings. The sky, as an emblem of unlimited potential and infinite possibilities, serves as a canvas on which the interplay of colours, especially at sunrise and sunset, becomes universal symbols of transformation and renewal.

DEEDS NEWS - Luisa Catucci Gallery - Brunnenstrasse - Julia Benz-min
Julia Benz, courtesy Luisa Catucci Gallery

The light, in its ethereal brilliance, metaphorically illuminates the way forward and dissolves the darkness. Together, sky and light create a symbolic tableau that carries the hope of a positive new beginning for the transformative new chapter of the expanding gallery.


New opening: Friday, 23. February, 5:00 – 10:00 pm 


Luisa Catucci Gallery
Brunnenstr 170
10119 Berlin-Mitte

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