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B-LA-M Festivals in Berlin: Troubled Kinships – SCOTTY | 27.06-14.07.2024 

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SCOTTY presents the exhibition Troubled Kinships, a co-operation of international project spaces as part of the B-LA-M festival in Berlin.
B-LA-M is a three-year cultural exchange programme that deepens relationships between the independent art scenes of Berlin, Los Angeles and Mexico City. 54 art collectives from the three cities will come together to develop and realise 18 joint exhibition projects in each city. The first part will take place in Berlin from 27 June to 14 July 2024. SCOTTY will enter into an exchange with the project spaces Espacio Unión in Mexico City and Monte Vista Projects in Los Angeles.

Image above: Amanda Mears, All That I Can Carry, 21×91 cm, Artist Book installation view

The exhibition Troubled Kinships invites viewers to reflect on possible interpretations of the term ‘habitat’ that have emerged from the lived experiences of the participating artists from Mexico City, Berlin and Los Angeles. The Berlin contribution to this exhibition consists of a collection of A6-sized works, to which the nine members of SCOTTY have each invited four artists from their artistic environment, zooming in on the place where the mountains of Santa Monica meet the asphalt of Los Angeles and directing the gaze further to a tamales stand on the streets of Iztapalapa. It continues along the well-known North American and folklore-rich Arizona State Route 80 and ends in a ‘worm room’ in which beetle larvae consume and metabolise the polystyrene and plastic that also serves as their dwelling.

These places are both witnesses to the colonisation of the American West and to the human body constantly struggling for autonomy. These seemingly disparate ecosystems form rhizomatic connections – inventive kinships – that highlight the interconnectedness of environmental and social injustices and advocate for regenerative futures. In addition to the difficulties, the works also reveal proposals for alternative ecological economies

Participating artists from Los Angeles: 
Christine Atkinson, Elizabeth Folk, Kellan Barneby King, Amanda Mears, Kimberly Morris, Ashton Phillips, Michelle L. Robinson, Daniel Alejandro Trejo, Beth Waldman, Tayler Zanke.

Daniel Alejandro Trejo, Dark Star, 2023, Fired ceramic, house paint and nail polish, 28 x 31,75 cm

From Mexico City: 
José Castañeda Lepov, Mónica Figueroa, Carolina Maki Kitagawa Frisby, Miriam Salado

Participating artists from Berlin: 
Carla Åhlander, Ursula Antesberger, Sabine Banovic, Charlotte Bastian, Betty Böhm, Sigrun Drapatz, Thilo Droste, Barbara Duisberg, Kiki Gebauer, Simone Häckel, Soraya Hannemann, Klara Hobza, Anne Hölck, Alexa Hoyer, Katja Hübner, Lisa Junghanss, Eunsun Ko, Pauline Kraneis, Julia Krewani, Lucille Mona Ling, Karen Linnenkohl, Sabine Linse, Oliver Möst, Jana Müller, Christine Niehoff, Isabel Pauer, Felix Pestemer, Birgit Ramsauer, Cornelia Renz, Maja Rohwetter, Carola Rümper, Janis Schroeder, Kerstin Serz, Annette Sonnewend, Zuzanna Skiba, Doris Sprengel, Anne-Katrin Ströh, Nikolas Theilgaard, Anke Völk, Marco Wachsmuth, Bettina Weiß and Juliane Zelwies.

The Berlin contribution to this exhibition consists of a collection of A6-format works to which the nine members of SCOTTY have each invited four artists from their respective artistic networks.


Opening: Saturday, 29 June 2024, 7 pm

Exhibition dates: Thursday, 27 June 2024 to Sunday, 14 July 2024

Opening hours:
Friday 3 pm-7 pm
Saturday 2 pm-6 pm


Oranienstrasse 46
DE-10969 Berlin

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