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BERLIN STANDARDS – Living with Art: Stephan Balzer & Manfred P. Herrmann

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Just as, according to Joseph Beuys, there is an artist in everyone, there is also a collector in everyone. It is probably in our genes that we surround ourselves with things that give us security and permanence, that beautify or enhance our surroundings, that fulfil a certain purpose – or not, that make us remember or think of something, that stimulate our imagination or inspire us, or that simply please us. Most of the time, what we collect is not art. Although art is probably one of the best things you can collect. Because there are many good reasons for living with art. And you don’t have to become a traditional art collector to experience, enjoy and benefit emotionally from the positive effects of living with art.

„Living with art is immensely enriching because contemporary art always raises questions.”

Manfred P. Herrmann, Tax consultant + art lover, 2021

If you had the choice, where would you rather spend an evening: In a restaurant with plastic flowers and electric tea lights on the table and art prints on the wall, or in a restaurant with fresh bouquets, candles and original artwork? Naturally, we feel more attracted to the real and valuable than to any mass-produced goods. Only the real thing gives us the positive feeling of being connected to life. But then why do so few people decide to buy art, whether contemporary or modern art? For art does not necessarily have to be expensive or elitist. We interviewed two Berliners who surround themselves with art and no longer want to do without it in their lives, and asked them about their personal motives.

Read the article further on DEEDS.WORLD, the art interview online magazine.

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