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East of Elsewhere curates artistic interventions in Rostock & at the Baltic Sea

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© East of Elsewhere

The Berlin project space East of Elsewhere will be showing performances, artistic works and interventions in the public spaces of Rostock and the Baltic Sea from 23 July to 19 August 2021 as part of the exhibition project “How to build bridges over troubled water”. In addition, reading circles, workshops and a sunset cinema will be organised.

The sea is a place of past, present and future. Change takes place through its cyclical movements, which carry many memories. Coastlines move, aquatic ecosystems struggle, ships transport bodies and goods across the water – but for some, these routes have been declared off limits.

What can we learn from the memories that are in every ripple and wave? What troubled waters of the past and present urgently require change for the future? Can we find new methods of connection, inspired by the changes that the spirit of the sea holds?

I say the sea is overwhelmed by its waves.

Breathe into it your thoughts and it will remember you.

Etel Adnan ‘Sea & Fog’

This project consists of a programme of artistic actions taking place in the public space of the city of Rostock and on the Baltic Sea coast. Each presentation will bring together a diverse audience through an exploration of the sea in both its physical and poetic forms. A final publication will be produced at the end of the programme, archiving the artistic actions and reflecting on the project title from a curatorial, social and future-oriented perspective: How to build bridges over troubled water?

DEEDS NEWS - East of Elsewhere - Wie baut man Bruecken ueber unruhiges Wasser 2021-1
© East of Elsewhere

Participating artists:

Nadja Abt, Sophia Domagala, Kearra Amaya Gopee, Barbara Kovlowska, Agnieszka Lasota, Adi Liraz, Tabita Rezaire


Screening 1: Sunday, 24 July, 21:00 to 22:00 hrs.
Garden 18 – Luftwarte Allotment Garden
Groß Schwaßer Weg, 18057, Rostock
Screening 2: Saturday, 23 July 2021, 21:00 to 22:00 hrs.
at Diedrichshagen Beach

Deep Down Tidal (2017) // Tabita Rezaire
Deep Down Tidal taps into the power of water as a conductive medium for communication. From underwater cables, sunken cities, drowned bodies, hidden stories of sea voyages – the ocean is a complex communication network.

how to break a horizon: a memory as retold by the sum of its residue (2019) // Kearra Amaya Gopee
how to break a horiton is part of an installation that reflects on the queer Caribbean future of the diaspora in the face of impending environmental and social collapse.

Der Tag einer Seefrau an Bord (2017) // Nadja Abt
In February 2017, Nadja Abt sailed on a container ship of the shipping company Hamburg Süd from Hamburg to Santos, Brazil. On the 17-day crossing, she mainly documented the everyday working life of the two women on board. The photo film is formally based on “Der Tag eines unständigen Hafenarbeiters” by Hubert Fichte/Leonore Mau from 1968. The voice-over text is derived from researched statistics, narratives by the two women on board and Abbot’s own travel diary and describes the everyday life of a fictitious ship worker on a container ship. The video gave rise to a larger project on “Sea Women”, which explores both the real existing and the cultural-historical void of “women at sea”.

The Line (All this can be seen anywhere) an homage to Barbara Kozłowska (2017) // Agnieszka Lasota
The late Polish artist Agniezska Lasota staged a sequel to Kozłowska’s Borderline in India, documenting the action and telling the story of Kozłowska’s life and work in her 2017 film ‘The Line (All this Can be Seen Anywhere)’. In the film, Lasota reads from Kozłowska’s writings on life and art-making, in a work that becomes a meditation on Borderline as a project and performance fundamentally concerned with mortality.


Thursday, 19 August 2021, 5:00 pm
Meeting place: next to the pond in the Schwanenteichpark

Eine Spur hinterlassen (To leave a trace)
In cooperation with Newcomer Art Hive from Rostock Hilft e.V., a public workshop will take place in the park. The participants will each paint a stone collected on the beach with their association to the sea, be it through words or pictures. The finished stones will be placed in a circle in a public park and left for the public to view.

To the complete programme please click HERE.

A Whatsapp group will be set up for the duration of the project to share all programme updates and exact locations. For more information send an email to info@eastofelsewhere.org.
The relevant Covid rules apply to all events.

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