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Tomorrow never waits. Site-specific art project by ENDMORÄNE 2021

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Photo: © Endmoräne e.V.

Every year, the artists of ENDMORÄNE e.V. open up a new location in Brandenburg and turn abandoned places into sights worth visiting with their art projects. The artistic works are developed for the respective context and can therefore only be experienced for a short time (on three weekends in August 2021) at the respective location. In the 30th anniversary year of the association, the artists are investigating the future of industrial culture and the role of art as an impulse generator for the first time in a manufacturing plant – the chipboard factory in Beeskow.

Faster, higher, further – where is industrial growth leading? What are we gaining and what is falling by the wayside? Industrialisation is in the midst of a transformation process that is significantly influenced by factors of globalisation, automation, digitalisation, climate change and migration. In what new industrial culture will we live? And how can art accompany these ongoing processes of change?

Participating artists: Susanne Ahner, Kerstin Baudis, Ka Bomhardt, Gisela Genthner, Masko Iso, Ingrid Kerma, Gunhild Kreuzer, Angela Lubič, Barbara Müller, Annette Munk, Dorothea Neumann, Patricia Pisani, Elke Postler, Antje Scholz, Erika Stürmer-Alex, Christiane Wartenberg

Guest artists 2021: Alina Inserra, Michaela Naseotion, Marion Orfila, Gaby Taplick

In the 30th anniversary year of the association, the artists of ENDMORÄNE e.V. are investigating this complex of themes for the first time on the factory premises of a manufacturing company: the history of the internationally expanding company of Sonae Arauco Beeskow GmbH in the Oder-Spree district began in the GDR as VEB Spanplattenwerk Beeskow. Industrial sites like this have become the focus of ENDMORÄNE’s artistic work in recent years. The particular architecture of the sites is an expression of social polarisation between industrialisation and deindustrialisation, construction and liquidation, profit and loss, ethics and profit. Industry is being transformed: Acting globally, it often relocates abroad and adapts to new market situations. In this arc of tension of the rapidly changing economy, art exercises itself as a source of impulses and recalls the idea of the Bauhaus: the form and function of products and production should be arranged according to human measure, in order to make the world of work and everyday life social and humane.

During a summer workshop from 1 to 13 August 2021, the artists will bring together individual artistic and participatory actions on site to create a joint installation that will give visitors a new approach to questions of a changing new industrial culture: Can a new industrial culture emerge in the vicinity of industrial plants, such as here in Beeskow, which does not have a destructive effect, but rather an identity-forming effect in the everyday world of experience and the immediate neighbourhood of the people? What are the existing approaches to this? Is there a careful, resource-conserving growth of industry on an ecological basis? 

The artists enter into a lively communication process with the factory employees, local residents and pupils of the Fontane primary school in Beeskow. In the course of the two-week summer workshop, the project grows and expands into a square on the factory premises and into a warehouse, where ENDMORÄNE welcomes interested members of the public on three weekends in August. 

DEEDS NEWS - Fotos Endmoraene e V - 2
Foto: © Endmoräne e.V.

Opening of the exhibition Tomorrow never waits
Saturday, 14 August 2021, 3 pm
With a welcome address by Dr Manja Schüle and a performance by the Männerchor Beeskow

Further public days
14/15 August, 21/22 August, 28/29 August 2021, each from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

15 August 2021, 2 p.m.: Women artists from ENDMORÄNE in conversation with Dr. Lars Scharnholz (Founder and Managing Director of the Institute for New Industrial Culture, Cottbus)

WHERE? Spanplattenwerk Sonae Arauco Beeskow GmbH 
Radinkendorfer Straße 71, 15848 Beeskow 

7 minutes’ walk from Beeskow railway station, exhibition access via Hafenstraße.
How to get there: https://endmoraene.de/%ef%bb%bfanfahrt/

The project takes place within the framework of Kulturland Brandenburg 2021: “Future of the Past – Industrial Culture in Brandenburg”, and is under the patronage of Dr Manja Schüle, Minister for Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

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