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ARTCO Gallery hosts two panels on the representation of genocide in art | 19.11.2021

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ARTCO Galerie Berlin invites you to two panel discussions on Thursday, 19 November 2021 in the context of the current exhibition “Traces of Violence – The German Empire in Southern Africa” by Marcelo Brodsky and Hildegard Titus. The participants will look at the representation of genocide in artistic disciplines and theories. They will then discuss the genocide in Namibia with representatives of the Ovaherero Genocide Foundation, USA. This event can also be visited virtually via ZOOM (links below).

Image above: Marcelo Brodsky, Wir haben Euch erschossen.

The first genocide of the 20th century was committed by the German Empire between 1904 and 1908 in South West Africa, now Namibia. The genocide was directed against the ethnic groups of the Nama and Herero, the indigenous people of this region. In their work, artist and human rights activist Marcelo Brodsky and Hildegard Titus deal with this crime against humanity and the way it is remembered and dealt with.

Marcelo Brodsky believes in the importance of art for social debate, especially in its power to influence public opinion and attract media attention. While working as an activist, Brodsky met the German human rights lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck – founder and director of ECCHR (European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights). After this encounter, Brodsky invited the Namibia-based Ovaherero Genocide Foundation to develop an art project on their case and present it in Berlin.

The series of works will be shown together with works by Hildegard Titus. Her series, entitled Us Now, is a conversation and dialogue aimed at memory and healing. It is an invitation to engage with young Namibians from different backgrounds and express their stories, feelings and hopes. By talking about the way the narrators relate to their heritage and identity, the works also touch on the way we all relate to each other.

Both artists will participate in the panel discussion on 19 November. On this evening, ARTCO Gallery will also present the new book TRACES OF VIOLENCE, published on the occasion of this exhibition.

Here, the exhibition “Traces of Violence – The German Empire in Southern Africa” can be visited in advance as a 3D tour:

Panel Discussions
on Thursday, 19th November 2021


6:30 – 7:15 pm

hosted by Uazuvara Ewald Kapombo Katjivena (writer, Kristiansand, NOR)

Robert Rodriguez (Scholar, A & M University, Texas, USA)
Mercia Kandukira  (Artist/Scholar, SUNY Binghamton University, USA)
Marcelo Brodsky (Artist, Argentina & Spain )
Heike Becker (Scholar/Author, University of  Western Cape, South Africa)
Hildegard Titus (Artist, Windhoek, Namibia) 
Uazuvara Ewald Kapombo Katjivena (Author, Artist, Kristiansand, Norway)

Taking part with ZOOM


7:30 Uhr – 8:30 pm

hosted by Wolfgang Kaleck (ECCHR, Berlin)


Ngondi Kamatuka (Ovaherero Genocide Foundation, NYC, USA)
Barnabas Katuuo (Ovaherero Genocide Foundation, NYC, USA)
Vepuka Kauari (Ovaherero Genocide Foundation, NYC, USA)
Sima Luipert (Technical Committee on the Nama Genocide, Namibia)
Rolando Vazquez (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

Taking part with ZOOM


ARTCO Galerie Berlin
Frobenstraße 1, 10783 Berlin-Tiergarten


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