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TAPE ART CONVENTION | 07.05.-21.05.2022

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The Tape Art Convention 2022 opens on Sunday, 7 May 2022 at 7 pm at the Napoleon Komplex in Berlin-Friedrichshain. On 1000 m² the exhibition shows 32 national and international tape art artists and collectives from 10 countries. Visitors can see artworks, walk through installations, take part in workshops and guided tours and experience live performances. Patron Dr. Klaus Lederer, Berlin’s Senator for Culture and Mayor, is expected to attend the opening.

Image above: Tape Art Convention 2018, Künstler: Felix Rodewaldt, Foto: Laurenz H. Bostedt

Today, Berlin is the epicentre of the worldwide tape art movement. A veritable “ecosystem” has established itself here, which is growing with material manufacturers, academies, art projects all over the world, and above all artists and collectives. Dr. Klaus Lederer supports the convention and, as patron, gives the art form the chance to grow beyond the globally well-connected scene of collectors, clients and artists.

DEEDS NEWS - Tape Art Convention 2018_Artist_Carlo Galli_photo Laurenz H. Bostedt
Tape Art Convention 2018, Artist: Carlo Galli, Photo: Laurenz H. Bostedt

The organiser of the 14-day convention is the Berlin collective Tape That. The aim of the third and largest international tape art exhibition to date is to bring the creative potential of this art form, the development of the scene and the diversity of forms of expression to life. The invited artists represent the development of the style and show the different techniques and ideas in dealing with the material. Many artists will be on hand for discussions and guided tours, and workshops will offer visitors the opportunity to get involved in this art form themselves.

DEEDS NEWS - Artist_Tape That_photo_by_Tape That
Tape That, Foto: Tape That

Participating artists + Collectives

Birgit Hoelmer (Germany), Birgit Raumsauer (Germany), Buff Diss (Australia), Carlo Galli, (Italy), Christian Winkelmann (Germany), Damien Gilley (USA), Dennis Josef (Germany), Dino Richter (Germany), Evi Kupfer (Germany), FABIFA (Belarus), Felix Rodewaldt (Germany), KLEBEBANDE (Germany), Max Zorn (Netherlands), Motore Fisico (Italy), Mr. Galle (Germany), NUMEN / FOR USE (Croatia / Austria), OSTAP (Germany), R1 (South Africa), RANDOM EXP (Germany), Sarah Dinardo (USA), T.W.FIVE (USA), TAPE ART (USA), TAPE THAT (Germany), YGREK (Switzerland)

Tape has long been used as a tool in art. The exact origin of tape art can hardly be determined. In the 1990s, street artists in New York used tape as an alternative means of expression to escape penalties for vandalism. The Tape Art collective from New York, which gave the art movement its name, will be guests at Convention 2022 and will present their works there.

DEEDS NEWS - Tape Art Convention 2018_Artist_Stephan Meissner_photo by Laurenz H. Bostedt
Tape Art Convention 2018, Artist: Stephan Meissner, Photo: Laurenz H. Bostedt

The tape art movement defines tape as the primary medium of artistic expression and uses the properties of the material in different ways. In Berlin, a scene emerged around the 2010s that grew out of urban and street art. More and more artists with different influences are active worldwide. The Tape Art Convention therefore also sees itself as a platform for exchange between artists and the public, as well as a showcase for the achievements and value of the artworks.

DEEDS NEWS - Artist_Infra_photo by Laurenz H. Bostedt
Artist: Infra, Photo: Laurenz H. Bostedt

The convention offers a place to experience with a special supporting programme: artist talks, guided tours by the artists, performances and the Tape Art Cinema with films of worldwide projects.

DEEDS NEWS - Artist_Numen For Use_photo_by_Numen For Use_03-
Artist: Numen / For Use, Photo: Numen / For Use

The spectacular and walk-in installation by the German-Croatian group – Numen/For Use – leads visitors through a larger-than-life vein system made of adhesive tape that reaches up to the ceiling of the exhibition hall.

DEEDS NEWS - Artist_Numen For Use_photo_by_Numen For Use
Artist: Numen / For Use, Photo: Numen / For Use

Workshops that allow you to learn taping in just a few hours under the guidance of the artists can be booked now for interested beginners and advanced practitioners.

DIY Area Tape Art by Tape That exhibition, Photo: ANPIS WANG


Opening Party: Sat, 7. May 2022 from 7 pm

Exhibition dates: Sun, 8 May to Sat, 21 May 2022, open Tue-Sun 12 – 9 pm, Mondays by reservation only.


Napoleon Komplex Berlin
Modersohnstraße 35-45
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

—> https://goo.gl/maps/4RKTwRndLQtt8UN17





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