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Art Biesenthal 2022 | until 28.08.2022

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In the middle of Brandenburg’s UNESCO nature reserve, Art Biesenthal has opened its doors to visitors. The focus of the exhibition this summer is on the connection between art and natural science. Both are products of human genius, imagination, wonder, chance and skill. The boundary between artistic and scientific practices has become so fluid that artists increasingly find themselves in the realm of science. Thus the question arises: Looking for art in science or science in art?

Image above: Biesenthal Archive

Art Biesenthal, which runs until 28 August, features the work of 20 artists whose works visualise and promote the relationship between the visual arts and science in its various disciplines: Biology, Geology, Geophysics, Botany, Neurology, Gender Studies, Optics, Digital Technology, etc. Whether the artists approach their work as scientists or draw on collaborations with specific fields of science, artists in this year’s Art Biesenthal apply scientific methods, experiment with new technologies or question existing theories to get closer to their individual vision.  Their works invite reflection on human subjectivity, in contrast to, parallel to or in dialogue with scientific objectivity.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Art Biesenthal - Art Biesenthal 2022 - FotoCredit Jack Hare 1
Art Biesenthal 2022, PhotoCredit Jack Hare

The artists of Art Biesenthal 2022 include Julian Charriere, Julius von Bismarck, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Simon Heijdens, Quayola, Soundwalk Collective, Daniel Hoelzl, Abie Franklin, Andreas Greiner, Olivia Steele, Fragmentin, Jakob Kukula, Halveig Villand, Aiken Cura, Acte, Lucija Krizmann, Nils Blau, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Eike Koenig, and Martin Nothhelfer.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Art Biesenthal - Art Biesenthal 2022 - FotoCredit Jack Hare
Art Biesenthal 2022, PhotoCredit Jack Hare

The collaboration with the Berlin culinary duo Baldon (Jessica-Joyce Sidon and Caecilia Baldszus) includes small and fine weekend menus, as well as picnic baskets and a selection of natural wine. In addition, exclusive garden dinners with changing guest chefs are held on four Fridays. Each chef prepares an individually created multi-course menu over an open fire, pairing seasonal produce with exclusive wines. Four Berlin design studios take care of the table design and add a special aesthetic touch to the evening with their design work. The interplay of cuisine and art creates an intimate atmosphere in the midst of beautiful nature. 

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Art Biesenthal - Art Biesenthal 2022 - FotoCredit Jack Hare 2
Art Biesenthal 2022, PhotoCredit Jack Hare

Tjioe Meyer-Hecken (24) is the curator of Art Biesenthal. She is of Turkish-Bosnian descent and was born in New York.  Growing up as a ‘gallery kid’, she always felt at home in creative, expressive environments: “I appreciate how culture and art bring us together and give us spaces and contexts to observe, understand and share.” Meyer-Hecken did her bachelor’s degree in biology in London. Parallel to her curation and management responsibilities, she is now pursuing a Master’s in Art Curation.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Art Biesenthal - Tjioe Meyer Kuratorin - Credit Tai Lückerath
Curator Tjioe Meyer, Credit Tai Lückerath

She has been in charge of Art Biesenthal since 2018, and this year she has curated a new, experimental format. About the Wehrmühle, the venue of Art Biesenthal, she says: “Our place blossoms when it is shared and played with! Over the years, so many different creatives have come together here that we have naturally developed into a transdisciplinary cultural centre.”

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of Art Biesenthal - Art Biesenthal 2022 - FotoCredit Jack Hare 3
Art Biesenthal 2022, PhotoCredit Jack Hare

The Wehrmühle is a historic site in the middle of a planned UNESCO nature reserve entitled “Man and Biosphere”. Originally built in the 14th century, since the renovation and conversion work by the Hecken family from 2002 onwards, the Wehrmühle has developed into a place of cultural encounter, characterised by exceptional natural as well as historical features, and has become a forum for international art through Art Biesenthal. As a cooperation partner, the Wehrmühle has already contributed many times to creating distinctive experiences in the fields of music, fashion, entertainment as well as unique culinary experiences.


Saturday, 9 July to Sunday, 28 August 2022 – every Saturday and Sunday 1 to 7 pm


Wehrmuehle Biesenthal
Wehrmühlenweg 8
16359 Biesenthal

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