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Katzenwäsche – Group Global 3000 – Engelbecken Berlin (Waldemarbrücke) | 03.05.-14.06.2024

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The initiative GROUP GLOBAL 3000, gallery for sustainable art in Berlin, presents the exhibition Katzenwäsche with contributions by 24 artists. Two temporary works will be realised in the park: BE(E)HERE by Ines Hock and LAGE EGAL by Stephan Groß. On view Friday 3 May from 3 pm until Saturday 4 May at 4 pm.

Image above: Installation BE(E)HERE, courtesy Ines Hock, Foto: Niklas Hock

The work BE(E)HERE contains both an ecological and an artistic aspect and is realised by the artist Ines Hock (1960) using her own artistic means, painting and drawing. The flowering colours of the endangered plants are placed in an artistic context.

The art historian Peter Lodermeyer describes this as follows: “The artificial “flowers” floating on invisible stems, which appear like words on a large text surface, create a fascinating, three-dimensional, colourful drawing on the green background of the lawn. … The Latin names on the individual forms read, beyond their informative content, like a kind of concrete poetry, like a magical incantation of nature: “Polygala serpyllifolia, Dianthus carthusianorum, Isolepsis fluitans…

Ines Hock studied fine arts in Mainz, Tucson Arizona and at the Düsseldorf Academy. As part of her numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries (exhibitions), she was already invited to show her work in Cologne parks in 20015 and 2018. 2022 presented by the Schroth Collection and Wilhelm Morgner Museum, Soest with an extensive programme and the support of BUND.

DEEDS.NEWS Katzenwäsche - Group Global 3000 – Engelbecken Berlin Ines Hock.-min
Installation BE(E)HERE, courtesy Ines Hock, Foto: Niklas Hock

24 works by 22 international artists
Objects, performances, installations, videos, paintings
Tom Albrecht, Thomas Behling, Anna Orlikowska, Benna Gaean Maris, Susanna Giese, Stephan Groß, Danny Hermann, Ines Hock, Tobias Bilgeri & Jens Isensee, Maria Korporal, Joana Lucas, John Maibohm, Annegret Müller, Froso Papadimitriou, Lita Poliakova, Susa Ramsthaler, Alexander Rommel, Rosa Schmidt, Daniel Theiler, Anja Witt, Alla Zhyvotova.

The majority of society wants climate protection, but does not want to change. It is becoming nervous, susceptible to campaigns by the fossil fuel lobby, superstition and right-wing influences.

People are in favour of doing something about man-made global warming, but they still want to fly on holiday. We are in denial about our own fossil fuel addiction. The other countries, the politicians, should take action against the climate crisis. We don’t want to recognise our own responsibility as voters for political parties and as consumers of flights, cars and goods who cause CO₂ emissions. Of course they want things to change, but not in their own lives. Science calls this behaviour cognitive dissonance.

The focus is particularly on the ROTEN LISTE NRW. The scandals about insecticides in eggs, etc. are nothing compared to the disappearance of biodiversity. With the reduction of plants, 85% of our insects are disappearing as a result…

The exhibition seeks answers that reconcile the desire for climate protection with society’s behaviour.


Programm 3.5. – 14.6.2024:

Friday, 3. May 2024, at 3 pm: in the park at the Engelbecken by the Waldemar Bridge
Welcome by Tom Albrecht and introduction to the works exhibited there

at 7 pm: in the gallery Welcome: Tom Albrecht, introduction to the exhibition: Katja Hock art historian, performance prima klima Susa Ramsthaler

Artist talk with performance:
Friday 24. May 2024, at 7 pm: Artists from the exhibition talk to guests about their works. Performance WRINGEN/FUR Rosa Schmidt

Lecture with discussion:
Friday, 31. May 2024, at 7 pm: “Acting for the climate. Why humans are not doing enough to combat the climate crisis despite knowing better. How can we get moving?” Katharina Simons, Psychologists for Future, Berlin

Finissage: Friday, 14. June,
at 7 pm: Performance: Tom Albrecht sings Verdrängung, guitar Philip Müller-Hohenstein,
at 8 pm: Very Large Quartet sings radiant harmonies rich in overtones – from complex barbershop classics to jazz and catchy, rousing pop pieces

Exhibition period:
Galerie Fridays und Tuesdays 5 pm until 8 pm
Im Park Friday, 03. May, 3 pm until Saturday 04. May 3 pm


Park am Engelbecken/Waldemarbrücke

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