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FAHRBEREITSCHAFT shows something in the air mit Rodney Graham, Pierre Huyghe and Anri Sala | 02.09.-29.10.2022

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The start of something in the air on 2 September 2022, coincides with the opening of the sixth edition of Contemporary Music Month, also at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. As an official partner of Berlin Art Week, FAHRBEREITSCHAFT will be the festival venue on 17 September 2022. In close exchange with the tenants there, a rich programme has been created that will take visitors across the entire area with concerts and performances. The sound works from the haubrok collection and the exhibitions Sequences, conceptual photography by Angelika Platen and Red Gym are also on view.

Image above: Earth Rhythms, 2020, single-channel HD video, 28_00_, colour, sound. Film still. Courtesy of the artist

In addition to around 50 ensembles from Berlin’s independent scene, which will be performing current trends in new music in September, the Ensemble KNM Berlin, which has been based on the grounds since 2020, will be giving the opening concert: in La Strada II, the musicians will be searching for formative impressions in the streets of Berlin in three contributions. For this, the duo vinyl -terror & horror developed a new work inspired by mobile playback equipment used by street musicians. Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen – two visual artists who often use records as sculptural objects – recorded transformed playback sounds with a portable record player on the luggage rack of their bicycle and translated them into musical notation. Anton Koshelev’s piece Complex Personality is also dedicated to everyday life in the big city and refers to the paradox of anonymity within masses: a group of four string players make music, each separately and yet together. Vladimir Gorlinsky, on the other hand, in Spatial Flashes, which he developed for FAHRBEREITSCHAFT in 2021, turns away from the big city and its industrialised structuring towards the course of the times of day as an orientation variable.

DEEDS NEWS FAHRBEREITSCHAFT something in the 1 foto Layoundkaoner

The sound works from the haubrok collection are distributed both indoors and outdoors. Works of art by Martin Creed, Jason Dodge, Isa Genzken, Rodney Graham, Pierre Huyghe, Emily Jacir, Jonathan Monk, Ayumi Paul, Susan Philipsz, Peter Piller, Stephen Prina, David Shrigley, Anri Sala and Heimo Zobernig, among others, can be seen.

In addition, the exhibition Sequences. conceptual photography with works by Angelika Platen will be open: the photographer has selected around 50 of her characteristic artist:inside portraits for the haubrok foundation by Marcel Broodthaers, Daniel Buren, Gianni Colombo, Hanne Darboven, Walter de Maria, Jan Dibbets, Karl Gerstner, Hans Haake, Les Levine, Dennis Oppenheim, Blinky Palermo, Sigmar Polke, Arnulf Rainer, Gerhard Richter, Klaus Rinke, André Thomkins, Ben Vautier and Laurence Weiner.

DEEDS NEWS FAHRBEREITSCHAFT something in the air Ensemble KNM Berlin Anja Weber
Ensemble KNM Berlin © Anja Weber

The programme will be extended to include the vernissage of the exhibition Red Gym, a joint Glaswegian and Berlin project curated by Sophie Macpherson, who has had her studio in the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT for several years. The exhibited artists Sara Deraedt, Steven Grainger, Anna M. Szaflarski, Wolfgang Tillmans, Laurence Figgis, Sophie Macpherson and Clare Stephenson explore the political theme of resistance in a cross-genre way and design both concrete possibilities for action and alternative realities. To round off the event, the Month of Contemporary Music and the Long Night of Images Lichtenberg, whose opening also takes place in the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, invite you to a get-together with music.

Exhibition rooms haubrok foundation
2.9.2022, 4 – 10 pm

Opening: Red Gym
2.9.2022, 4 – 10 pm

Opening: Long Night of Pictures Lichtenberg
2.9.2022, 5 – 6:30 pm

Opening: Contemporary Music Month with concert by Ensemble KNM Berlin
2.9.2022, 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Get together with music
2.9., 10 p.m. – 3.9.2022, 2 a.m.

Summer festival with new music and works from the haubrok collection
17.9., 4 p.m. – 18.9.2022, 2 a.m.

As an official partner of Berlin Art Week, FAHRBEREITSCHAFT will be the festival venue on Saturday, 17.9.2022. In close cooperation with the tenants there, a rich programme has been developed that will take visitors around the entire area with concerts and performances. The sound works from the haubrok collection and the exhibitions Sequenzen. conceptual photography by Angelika Platen and Red Gym are also on view.

DEEDS NEWS FAHRBEREITSCHAFT something in the air photo Elda Oret
Being the Measure-David Zink Yi in collaboration with Angie Keefer-Performance 2018 at the St. Agnes Church, photo @Elda Oreto

The artist Ayumi Paul starts with her video Earth Rhythms: it shows Paul standing on a concrete surface, tuning into the rotation of the earth by playing her violin. Gradually the sky becomes darker and after everything visible has disappeared, the playing continues in the rhythms of the rotating planet.

Sun-Young Nam and Paul Hübner, both members of mam. Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, with Catherine Lamb’s piece periphery (for two): For this piece, a sound space was created that, similar to Earth Rhythms, invites the listener to expand their own perception. Two voices close to each other and a sound installation distributed in the garden increasingly connect with the sounds of the surroundings.

In the early evening hours, artist and composer Ari Benjamin Meyers will present an excerpt from his large-scale piece Serious Immobolities (Module 4/instrumental version), which he developed for his first exhibition at Esther Schipper in 2013. The instrumental version for electric guitar and bass of the fourth module out of a total of ten will be performed by Nico van Wersch and Thomsen Merkel, two musicians with whom Meyers has already collaborated frequently.

The KNM ensemble will also be represented on this evening: as a continuation of the la Strada concert series, the musicians will perform la Strada – Pop-up Graffiti, a turn towards the big city.

In so-called pop-up concerts, the ensemble presents short-term and topical commentaries or interventions; most recently, for example, KNM reacted in this way to Wasserwerk Rinke, an exhibition by the haubrok foundation.

DEEDS NEWS FAHRBEREITSCHAFT something in the air rank-play-the-smiths, 2022-ii (1)
rank-play-the-smiths, 2022-ii

Three Thousand Songs, a concert by artist David Zink Yi and musicians Rodney Barreto, Marvin Diz, Yuliesky Gonzalez Guerra and Regis Molina, follows on from previous contributions of the day with its strong reference to nature: the experimental Afro-Cuban jazz combo traces the almost limitless vocal repertoire of a songbird that spends its life learning up to 3000 vocal phrases. Zink Yi relates this existence, which is characterised by constant improvisation and constant change, to the African diaspora in America. This is made audible through the rhythmic compositions of the musicians, who have not only already participated in some of Zink Yi’s projects, but also use objects from these projects as sound instruments: for example, parts of Being the Measure are used for percussion.

After three sound songs has traced the vocal spectrum of this mythical bird, Rank | Playthesmiths, as the name suggests, go on the trail of the cult band from Manchester. This The Smiths tribute band promises to play all the highlights of the 80s and 90s, turning the audience into melancholic, nihilistic poets of their own lives.

DEEDS NEWS FAHRBEREITSCHAFT © Mareike Tocha and Cold Summer, a festival by Keren Cytter and Ludwig Forum Aachen, with Jan Terstegen (Guitar) and Thomsen Merkel (Bass),
© Mareike Tocha and Cold Summer, a festival by Keren Cytter and Ludwig Forum Aachen, with Jan Terstegen (Guitar) and Thomsen Merkel (Bass), 2022-iii

The last act of the evening is the hip-hop duo Koaner and Layo, who have been writing and performing music together for ten years. Visitors to this year’s Berlin Art Week will have the opportunity to end the festival day to their sample-heavy beats, cuts and scratches until late into the night.

Exhibition rooms haubrok foundation
17.9.2022, 4 – 10 pm

Red gym
17.9.2022, 4 – 10 pm

Earth rhythms
Ayumi Paul
17.9.2022, 4 – 4:30 pm

Vinyl II
Stephen Prina 9/17/2022, 4:30pm – 4:50pm

Periphery (for two) by catherine lamb
Sun-Young Nam, Paul Hübner (mam. Manufacture for Contemporary Music)
17.9.2022, 5 – 5:15 pm

Serious Immobility (Module 4/Instrumental Version)
Ari Benjamin Meyers, Thomsen Merkel, Nico van Wersch
17.9.2022, 17:45 – 18:30

La strada – Pop-up-Graffiti
Ensemble KNM Berlin
17.9.2022, 7 – 8:30 pm

Three Thousand Songs
David Zink Yi, Rodney Barreto, Marvin Diz, Yuliesky Gonzalez
guerra, regis molina
17.9.2022, 21 – 22:30 hrs.

Rank | playthesmiths
17.9.2022, 11 – 24 pm

Koaner and Layo
17.9., 24 o’clock – 18.9.2022, 2 o’clock

On 17 September, from 17:45-18:30, Thomsen Merkel and Nico van Wersch will perform Serious Immobilities (Module 4/Instrumental Version), a composition by Ari Benjamin Meyers to be performed in an exhibition space. The piece originally consisted of 9 flexible modules lasting 6-8 hours and was conceived for voices (minimum 3, unamplified), electric guitar and electric bass. This performance is an excerpt from module 4 in a version for electric guitar and electric bass alone. The title Serious Immobilities is a tongue-in-cheek allusion to the instructions Erik Satie wrote in the score of his composition Vexations: “To play the theme 840 times in a row, it would be advisable to prepare beforehand and in deepest silence by serious immobilities.”


Friday, 2 September. – Saturday, 29 October.


Herzbergstraße 40-43, 10365 Berlin

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