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Bröhan Museum | Lucia Moholy: Das Bild der Moderne | 01.10.2022-22.01.2023

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Lucia Moholy’s pictures still go around the world today – with her photographs of the Bauhaus buildings, the photographer and publicist (1894-1989) left a lasting mark on the image of the art school. As László Moholy-Nagy’s wife, she lived with him at the Bauhaus and did important work for numerous Bauhaus artists and the institution itself. She was instrumental in bringing the artistic ideas and content of the academy to the public. The exhibition is dedicated to the artist’s oeuvre as a whole: in addition to factual photographs of workshop work and portrait series of Bauhaus teachers and friends, the photographs of the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau are among the focal points of her work. Her approach was revolutionary – photography and painting were of equal value to her and her architectural photographs became constructivist images.

Fig. above: Lucia Moholy Bauhaus Building Dessau (1925-1926), view from the northeast, postcard K Collection, courtesy Galerie Derda Berlin © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Lucia Moholy is one of the most important photographers of modernism. Although she was not employed at the Bauhaus, her photos played a significant role in making the Bauhaus known and famous. She was not simply a documentarian, but helped to shape the image of the school and modernism with her own style. Only the high quality of her photographs, which is due to Moholy’s adept handling of the technical aspects of photography, made possible the unprecedented marketing of the Bauhaus idea as a social and above all aesthetic movement.

DEEDS NEWS Broehan museum Lucia Moholy VG Bild Kuns Bonn 2022 3
Lucia Moholy: Schachtisch Heinz Nösselt mit Figuren von Josef Hartwig 1924 Private collection, Netherlands, courtesy Galerie Derda Berlin © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

The fact that Lucia Moholy is hardly known today is due to a complex web of political and social circumstances. Since Walter Gropius did not hire her and did not pay her, she was never officially at the Bauhaus and could easily be “overlooked”. In contemporary publications, her photographs were sometimes published with her name, sometimes without. After the closure of the Bauhaus, she was almost universally unnamed. Gropius in particular played a very inglorious role in this, the effects of which can still be felt today. In addition, the joint artistic and theoretical work of the Moholy-Nagy couple was attributed solely to László after they separated. When Lucia Moholy then had to flee Germany after the National Socialists came to power, a tragedy took its course that made one of the best female photographers of German modernism almost invisible for a long time.

In the exhibition at the Bröhan Museum, which shows around 100 photos from private and public lenders as well as selected objects from the Bauhaus period, Lucia Moholy will emerge as an artist in her own right. Special attention will be paid to her time in Berlin.

Media partners: Wall GmbH, rbb Kultur, Dinamix, tip, Exberliner

Funded by the LOTTO Foundation Berlin as part of the Berlin programme for the Triennale der Moderne, 2022. www.triennale-der-moderne.de

DEEDS NEWS Broehan museum Lucia Moholy VG Bild Kuns Bonn 2022 2
Lucia Moholy Zwei Tischleuchten (1923–1924) von Wilhelm Wagenfeld und
Carl Jakob Jucker um 1924 Private collection, Netherlands, courtesy Galerie Derda Berlin
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022


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We offer programmes for school classes as part of the exhibition. More info at www.broehan-museum.de/vermittlung

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One of our art experts will guide you and your companion exclusively through the exhibition.

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Curators of the exhibition: Thomas Derda, Dr Tobias Hoffmann, Fabian Reifferscheidt M.A.

Exhibition design: Katleen Arthen

Press and Public Relations: Corinna Kleis M.A.

Education and outreach: Nils Martin Müller M.A.

Assistant Press and Public Relations/Education and Mediation: Alexandra Koronkai-Kiss M.A.

Opening hours: Tue to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm and all public holidays

Admission: 8,- €, reduced 5,- €.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.broehan-museum.de/service or on site.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with 176 pages and numerous illustrations published by Wienand Verlag, price: €26 at the museum box office.

Enquiries, also regarding further information and picture material, please contact Corinna Kleis, e-mail: pr@broehan-museum.de


Ausstellungsdaten: Samstag 1 Oktober – Sonntag 22 Januar


Admission: 8,- €, reduced 5,- €.


Schlossstraße 1a
14059 Berlin-Charlottenburg

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