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“abstraction-figuration / werner berges – alexander camaro” at the Camaro House |21.10.2022-20.01.2023

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The exhibition abstraction – figuration / werner berges – alexander camaro is about two painters of the 20th and 21st century who were in close artistic exchange with each other for some time.

Fig.above: Alexander Camaro, Steeplechaser from 1905 and Daphne Rival, 1987, mixed media on canvas, 240 × 400 cm

Their paintings reveal the respective derivation of abstract forms from their own figurative world of forms and a quiet and at the same time stunning painterly poetry. The exhibition shows hitherto lesser-known works by Werner Berges and works by his professor Alexander Camaro, in which this intellectual affinity becomes comprehensible.

To the exhibition:
The intertwining of different realities in the interplay between abstraction and figuration connects Alexander Camaro (1901 to 1992) with his master student Werner Berges (1941-2017), who studied with him at the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfBK) in Berlin from 1963. In the current exhibition, we leave behind the Werner Berges of German Pop Art with his female types and turn here to the early works of the 1960s, which were still created in the studio of the academy, and above all to the paintings of the 1980s. What becomes apparent in the works of both Alexander Camaro and Werner Berges is the derivation of abstract and representational forms from their own world of forms.

About the Alexander and Renata Camaro Foundation:
The Foundation cultivates the work of Alexander and Renata Camaro and makes it accessible to the public. It promotes interdisciplinary thinking in the form of its own projects and the examination of selected contemporary artistic positions.


Camaro Haus
Potsdamer Straße 98A.
10785 Berlin


Friday, 21. October 2022 until Friday, 20. Jenuary 2023

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