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THE STORY OF Y – Blake & Vargas | 15.10.–12.11.2022

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We have entered the second chapter of The Story of Y, an installation work by Israeli artist Eitan Ben-Moshe at the project space Blake & Vargas, whose first iteration was shown at the Alon Segev Gallery in Tel Aviv in 2020.

Abb. oben: THE STORY OF Y

The title of the exhibition refers to Pauline Réage’s infamous erotic novel, Story of O by, which follows a woman’s path to freedom through total submission.
As ambiguous as the letter ‘Y’ – split, questioning, and gender-defining – the Story of O poses the question of who controls whom in the dynamic of sexual submission, and of the complicated relationship between freedom, abuse, dominance and surrender. In The Story of Y, Ben-Moshe expands the equation to include the variables of mankind, nature and technology.
Oscillating between dystopian surrealism and harmonic universalism, the multilayered works continue to spin the precarious threads of the Conditio Humana in dreamlike sequences:
Above an abstract miniature cosmos made of glass, human sexual organs combine with those of plants, forming wall reliefs collaged by means of digital and analogue techniques. The centrepiece of the installation is the CGI video piece Shaki, Shaki (2021). The video is part of a larger series of works for which the artist collected folk songs from around the world, recomposing them into new hymns for a future humanity.


Saturday, 15. October until Saturday, 12. November 2022


Blake & Vargas
Reichenberger Str. 72
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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