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ZEITENWENDE – Kunst und Gesellschaft. ÜBERSCHAU #09 at CSR Contemporary Show Room | 27.04.-17.06.2023

Editors’ Choice

“ZEITENWENDE – Kunst und Gesellschaft” (Turning Point – Art and Society) is the theme of the major exhibition project starting at the CSR.ART Contemporary Show Room. Beginning on 27 April 2023, Part 1 will present an initial selection of artworks of various genres, created by 50 international artists from 15 countries, on the social, cultural and artistic turning points of the new millennium. In October 2023, Part 2 will continue with more works by these and other artists in the historic water reservoirs in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. An opportunity to participate continues to be offered by the Open Call on www.zeitenwende.art. ZEITENWENDE Part 1 opens shortly before the start of the Gallery Weekend in Berlin on 27 April 2023 with a vernissage from 6pm at CSR.ART, Friedrichstraße 69 in Berlin-Mitte.

Image above: Jeanne Fredac, Nature aid set, Iron box 22×29 cm, fabric and revolver

The exhibition ZEITENWENDE shows through the different works, from painting to mixed media to installation, conceptual art and sculpture, the diversity and power of art as a means of expression and reflection of our time. Each work tells its own story and in its own way conveys a message about change, be it political, ecological, social, overall or very personal.

DEEDS NEWS - ZEITENWENDE Kunst und Gesellschaft - Kerstin Dzewior - Social Girl-min
Kerstin Dzewior, Social Girl, 41 x 30 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2020

The concept of “ZEITENWENDE – ZEITEN WENDEN” is of particular topicality and relevance as we are in an era of various transformations. The exhibition offers an opportunity to deepen and broaden our own engagement with the challenges of this time.

The artists participating in this exhibition – from emerging artists to established greats of the international art scene – present their unique perspective on the world through their artistic expression. Their works challenge us as viewers to question ourselves and discover new ways of seeing.

DEEDS NEWS - ZEITENWENDE Kunst und Gesellschaft - Laurenz Bostedt - Futur III-min
Laurenz Bostedt, from the series: Futur III – Will everything have gone well?, 8 large format photographs, 40 x 50 cm, printed on Ilford Gallery Smooth Pearl, limited edition: 5 + 1 AP

Participating artists

Albrecht/Wilke, Jonathan Apelbaum, Khaled Barakeh, Bas2, Katerina Belkina, Anne Bengard, Laurenz Bostedt, Benedikt Braun, Michael Busse, Kerstin Dzewior, Margret Eicher, Fabifa, Jeanne Fredac, Torben Giehler, Julija Goyd, Lennart Grau, Joax, Khan, Olena Klochko, Gita Kurdpoor, Jiny Lan, Miriam Lenk, Darko Lesjak, Jonathan Meese, Tom Meier, Stephan Meissner, Anna Mirkin, Jan Muche, Nafir, Jörni Reiners + Kimo von Rekowski (DIXONS), Rocco, Römer + Römer, Victoria Rosenman, Manuela Sambo, Daniel Sambo-Richter, Olaf Schirm, Snyder, Luisa Stroh, Daniel M. Thurau, Tobo, Saverio Tonoli, Kata Unger, Paris Urteil, Maria Volokhova, Wiebke Maria Wachmann, Wesp, Stella Winter, Anne Wölk, Thomas Wommelsdorf, Xianwei Zhu, Sahar Zukerman

DEEDS NEWS - ZEITENWENDE Kunst und Gesellschaft - Khaled Barakeh - Exile - Exit-min
Khaled Barakeh, 2019, print on plexiglas, aluminium frame, 19 x 38 x 6 cm

Themes of change that are illustrated in the exhibition ZEITENWENDE by means of the artworks include feminism, war, religion, climate change, migration, identity, diversity, consumption, city, housing, nature, future, death, space, metaverse, artificial intelligence and Generation Z.


The Deeds Artists Prize will be awarded for the first time as part of the exhibition project. The prize honours outstanding artists* who pursue innovative approaches in their work and push the boundaries of art forms. The winner will be selected by a jury of art experts and will receive a non-cash prize in the form of a media value of 8,000 EUR.

The exhibition venues

The starting point and central exhibition venue is the CSR.ART – CONTEMPORARY SHOW ROOM in QUARTER 205 Stadtmitte. The approximately 400 sqm space has been used as an experimental exhibition space CSR.ART by the non-profit DEEDS.LAB gUG since spring 2022.

The second part of “ZEITENWENDE – Kunst und Gesellschaft” is exhibited in the former heart of Berlin’s oldest municipal water supply system, the Prenzlauer Berg water reservoirs. As industrial, architectural and urban history monuments, they are normally only open to the public as part of guided tours or rare events.


Opening Part 1:
Thursday, 27.04.2023, 6 pm

Exhibition Part 1:
Thursday, 27.04. until Saturday, 17.06.2023
Tue-Sat 11am – 7pm


Friedrichstraße 69
10117 Berlin-Mitte


Opening Part 2:
Tuesday, 03.10.2023 (Tag der Deutschen Einheit)

Exhibiton dates Part 2:
Tuesday, 03.10. until Sunday, 29.10.2023


Historische Wasserspeicher (Historic water reservoirs Prenzlauer Berg
Belforter Straße / Corner Straßburger Straße
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

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