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galerie weisser elefant: GOLDRAUSCH 2023 – on the edge of | 30.09.-25.09.2023

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The Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt will be showing current works by 15 international female visual artists working in Berlin at galerie weisser elefant from 30 September to 25 November 2023. With Goldrausch 2023 – on the edge of, the professionalisation programme presents the final exhibition of its 33rd year. The group exhibition is a cooperation with the Department of Art, Culture and History of the Berlin-Mitte district and is curated by Laure Catugier and Hannah Kruse.

Fig. above: Ojoboca, Print Analysis, 2023. Still: Anja Dornieden & Juan DAvid González Monroy

Under the title Goldrausch 2023 – on the edge of, the 15 participants of the Goldrausch artists’ project show excerpts from their current production. On display are conceptual photography, analogue and digital experimental film, painting and drawing, performance, sound, sculpture and installation. The artists’ themes and concepts include man-made changes in our environment, the breaking up of linear narratives and of traditional visual worlds and stereotypes. They explore the boundaries – edges – of the media they work with and reveal transformation processes and transitions along supposed dividing lines.

Along these edges, the exhibits invite reflection on social or ecological changes, just as they encourage us to question existing systems and develop potentials for transformation.

DEEDS NEWS - Shira - Orion - Heisse - Liebe - Shira - Orion - 1000dpi
Shira Orion, Heiße Liebe, 2021, Still: Shira Orion

The Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt is a one-year professionalisation course that promotes outstanding artistic positions by women*.
During the course year, the scholarship holders pursue their professional development in solidarity and collective concentration and at the same time bring the results they have achieved to the public. Since 1989, the renowned professional development project, which is unique in Germany, has supported female visual artists in developing individual career paths and presenting their work to an audience.

To participate in the Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt, a jury of experts selected
15 women artists from different countries and continents: Anja Dornieden, Viviana Druga, Ximena Ferrer Pizarro, Janne Höltermann, Tiziana Krüger, Daniela Medina Poch, Lillian Morrissey, Shira Orion, Amelie Plümpe, Wagehe Raufi, Marie Rief, Hara Shin, Bea Targosz, Emma Wilson, Silja Yvette.


galerie weisser elefant
Auguststraße 21
10117 Berlin


Opening: Friday, 29.09. 18.00–22.00 Hrs (public)
Duration: Saturday 30. September– Saturday 25. November 2023


Free entry


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