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Kasseler Kunstverein: Caring in Times of Continuous Crisis (part I) | 26.08.-15.10.2023

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Caring in Times of Continuous Crisis is an exhibition and research project by the Kasseler Kunstverein that explores caring as work, as a concept and as a transformative force. After a period of interruption and uncertainty due to the Corona pandemic, the Kasseler Kunstverein is dedicating a multi-part exhibition series to this ubiquitous but continuously devalued theme.

Fig. above: Exhibition view , Health , a Right for All , at the Burg Galerie im Volkspark Halle, Formats of Dialogue, ©Max Méndez, 2021

Caring in Times of Continuous Crisis examines the social structures and hierarchies in which caring is embedded: How is caring linked to global and local power structures? How are economics, ecology and social participation interwoven? How can care be organised beyond human-centred, heteronormative, capitalist and Eurocentric structures?

Part I of the exhibition series can be seen at the Kasseler Kunstverein from 25 August to 16 October 2023. The works and events of Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe (Julia Bonn/Inga Zimprich), Formate des Dialogs and Luiza Prado de O. Martins result in a network of perspectives, gaps and connections – a place of learning where one’s own embeddedness in power structures can be reflected upon and possibilities for action can be worked out and tested.

During the exhibition period, a growing library will be set up in the exhibition space where texts, games and other references on the theme of care will be collected and made accessible.

Publication , Power instead of Ouch , Formats of Dialogue ©Sophie Pischel, 2021.

Formate des Dialogs is a free research and design collective consisting of the three communication designers Luise Menz, Lena Würsching and Sophie Pischel. They deal with precarious conditions in the German health system, focusing on aspects of accessibility to medical care and counselling as well as social and political participation. The aim is to critically address diverse needs and obstacles and to promote exchange between those affected, actors and the public.

Formate des Dialogs (Formats of Dialogue) deals with the work Wenn du an das Thema Gesundheit denkst, was fällt dir ein (When you think about health, what comes to mind) with the status quo of people with experience of flight and/or migration in the German health system and develop a site-specific project. Parts of the ongoing process will be visible at the Kunstverein.

The Feminist Health Research Group shows the work The New Health Movement, which was developed together with Alina Buchberger, Huong Nam Ngyuen Thi, Pasquale Virginie Rotter and Kim Wichera. The project The New Health Movement collects demands on the health system in Germany.

DEEDS NEWS - Pressefoto_FeministHealthCareResearchGroupJuliaBonnIngaZimprich-BeinginCrisesTogether2022.InstallationTrafoGallery
Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe (Julia Bonn / Inga Zimprich): Gemeinsam in der Krise sein, 2022. Installation, Zines, Maße variabel. In: Wie wirfst du einen Ziegelstein durch das Fenster einer Bank, wenn du nicht aus dem Bett kommst, Trafó Gallery, Budapest, Ungarn. Kuratiert von Judit Szalipszki. Foto: Dávid Biró.

Artist, activist and researcher Luiza Prado De O. Martins‘ work explores relationships between food, infrastructures and technology, and questions what structures and processes are required for collective concerns of care.

The exhibiting artists and groups draw on participatory, queer, anti-colonial and post-humanist traditions and show solidarity-based ways of caring for each other and living together. They address social structures and hierarchies in which care is embedded.

The Kunstverein becomes a space for debate, a space for rest, a space for discourse: What do crises do to us? How do we behave in and with them? What space do institutions like the Kunstverein take up in the process? What space can we open up? What crises and conflicts are inherent in us?


Kasseler Kunstverein
Friedrichsplatz 18
34117 Kassel


Opening: Friday 25.08.2023 , 7 pm
Exhibition dates: Saturday 26.08. – Sunday 15.10.2023

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