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Centre Pompidou: Picasso. Endlessly Drawing | 18.10.2023-15.01.2024

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On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death, the Centre Pompidou, in collaboration with the Musée national Picasso-Paris, is organising the exhibition “Picasso. Dessiner à l’infini” (Picasso. Drawing Endlessly) in collaboration with the Musée national Picasso-Paris. The largest organised retrospective of the artist’s drawings and engravings to date, it highlights the most productive part of his oeuvre by bringing together almost a thousand works: Notebooks, drawings and engravings, most of which come from the collection of the Musée national Picasso-Paris. Pablo Picasso died on 8. April 1973 in Mougins, France.

Fig. above: Credits, © Succession Picasso, Bildnachweis: Philippe Migeat – Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI /Dist. RMN-GP, Bildreferenz : 4R01336 [1994 CX 0329], Bildpräsentation: l’Agence Photo de la RMN

From his youthful studies to his last works, drawing was for Picasso a perpetual site of invention around the power of the stroke, from serpentine lines to hatched drawings and sprawling compositions, from the delicate nuances of pastels to the deep blacks of ink.

This journey through the graphic work, a sort of compulsively kept private diary, the notebooks being the most precious examples, immerses us in the heart of the artist’s work. The exhibition showcases the extraordinary collection of the musée national Picasso-Paris, coming from the artist’s studios and preserved by him until his death. The non-linear visit overturns the strict chronological order, enabling resonances to be established between different periods and contrasting well-known masterpieces with drawings presented for the first time.

DEEDS NEWS - Centre Pompidou - Pablo Picasso - Photo credits RMN Gand Palais
Credits: Caption: IVe état, © Succession Picasso, Photo credits : RMN-Grand Palais (Musée national Picasso-Paris) / Mathieu Rabeau, Image reference : PICASSO_LETAUREAU_1945_1

“Picasso. Dessiner à l’infini” is the greatest retrospective ever organised of the artist’s drawings and engravings, plunging visitors into the maelstrom of Picasso’s creative processes

Célébration Picasso 1973-2023 : 50 exhibitions and events to celebrate Picasso

2023 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s passing and thus places the year in the context of the celebration of his work in France, Spain and internationally. To celebrate Picasso’s heritage today means questioning what this major oeuvre for western modernity represents today. It means demonstrating its living, accessible and contemporary aspects. Célébration Picasso 1973-2023 is introduced by the musée national Picasso-Paris, the leading lender and coordinator of the event, and Bernard Picasso, grandson of the artist and president of the FABA and of the Málaga Picasso Museum. It is organised around some fifty exhibitions and events to be held in reputed cultural institutions in Europe and North America and which, together, with the help of reinterpretations and original approaches, enable us to review the state of studies and comprehension of Picasso’s oeuvre.

DEEDS NEWS - Centre Pompidou - Pablo Picasso - Musée national Picasso-Paris - photo (c) Dist. Rmn-Gp
Pablo Picasso, « Portrait de Françoise », 20 mai 1946 (détail) Musée national Picasso-Paris. Dation Pablo Picasso, 1979. MP1351 © Succession Picasso 2023, photo © Dist. Rmn-Gp

Together, the French and Spanish governments wished to support this large-scale transnational event. The commemoration will thus be punctuated by official celebratory events in France and Spain, and will conclude with a grand international symposium in December 2023, coinciding with the opening of the Picasso Studies Centre in Paris.

This Celebration embodies “Picasso today” and lays the groundwork for tomorrow’s musée national Picasso-Paris


Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou
75004 Paris


Monday-Wednesday, 11:00-21:00
Thursday, 11:00-23:00
Friday-Sunday, 11:00-21:00

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