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Sustainable Suisse. Design projects in Switzerland – Direktorenhaus | 23.11.2023-18.02.2024

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The “Sustainable Suisse” exhibition at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin offers a look behind the scenes of twelve design studios working on some of Switzerland’s most fascinating design projects.

Image above: courtesy of Direktorenhaus

They are everywhere: materials are indispensable drivers of innovation for almost all sectors of the economy. New materials can contribute to solving pressing issues of the future, for example in the areas of mobility, climate and environmental protection, but also in architecture and healthcare.

Many scientific institutes have been researching new, more compatible materials for sustainable production for years – with surprising results. However, the rapid discovery of potential for improvement has recently led to disappointment. The mobilisation of will and ability has reached its limits in terms of implementation. Many of the new materials have not found their way into series production and have therefore not yet reached the masses. Local production is expensive. Circular production chains are interrupted.

The “Sustainable Suisse” exhibition is dedicated to the question of the extent to which prototypes for everyday products can be designed that later undergo a successful innovation process through to market launch. The exhibition therefore not only presents experimental aesthetic and functional models, but also shows the possible barriers in the innovation funnel during realisation and ways of overcoming them.

Sustainable Suisse focusses on speculative product innovations based on novel materials. The exhibition, curated by Pascal Johanssen, is supported by Pro Helvetia.

Participating artists:

Carlo Clopath, Zuber Salzmann Studio, Hot Wire Extensions, Fabio Rutishauser, Hanna Egger, Hochschule Luzern, Jeanne Blatter-Vallat, Martina Häusermann, Matteo Bauer-Bornemann, Patricia Kindler, Augmented Weaving


Thursday, 23. November 2023 until Sunday, 18. February 2024

open Mon – Fri noon – 6 pm


Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin-Mitte

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