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Schaubude Berlin in December 2023

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In December 2023, Schaubude Berlin will stage a puppet theatre, a puppet revue and a show with objects, dance, acrobatics and singing.

Fig. above: Schaubude Berlin, photo Constantin Riess

The Lovefuckers tell the story of COWBOY BOB based on an amazing and really true story*. Someone robs a bank. Several times. And escapes. The experts are baffled. Who is this cool bank robber? Agent Steve Powell reports exclusively from Irving, Texas on his most spectacular case and takes us into the world of investigations, witness statements and speculation.

Excellent puppet theatre, in German spoken language with English surtitles,
60 minutes
16.50 EUR, reduced 11.50 EUR
Fri, 1 Dec, 8 pm
Sat, 2 Dec, 8 pm with audio description and guided tour beforehand

Schaubude Berlin, photo Dorit Günther

The “Männer” performances from 8 to 10 December will not take place. As an alternative, the show theatre Mein Ego zwingt mich dazu by Jarnoth & Guests is offering a performance. The beguiling intoxication of madness unfolds in a doll’s house riddled with curses. Abandoned dolls, unhappy magicians, melancholic starlets and creatures that appear and disappear out of nowhere form a bizarre ensemble of longing. JARNOTH sinks into a deeptalk that tickles the senses and explores the boundaries of the disturbing, revealing life in all its unsettling beauty.

Revue with puppets, masks and live music, in German spoken language, 120 minutes (one interval)
16.50 EUR, reduced 11.50 EUR
Fri + Sat, 8 + 9 Dec, 8 pm

Schaubude Berlin, photo Constantin Riess

What could a slightly different X-Mas party look like? Just like Kevin alone in Jarnoth by Jarnoth & Guests. Jarnoth spends Christmas alone and in deep loneliness. No friends, no social contacts, just his mobile phone and the film “Kevin Alone at Home”, which he is watching for the 3673rd time. The festive mood has long since faded and darkness seems to be over everything. But suddenly a light appears that innocently touches him like Maria.

Show with objects, dance, acrobatics, singing and more, in German spoken language, 120 minutes
16.50 EUR, reduced 11.50 EUR
Fri, 15 Dec, 8 pm

Schaubude Berlin, photo Manuela Clemens

Schaubude Berlin
Greifswalder Straße 81-84
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

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