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RADIANT: Rauminstallationen aus Licht & Sound – Center for International Light Art Unna | 27.04-27.10.24

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With RADIANT, the Center for International Light Art (ZfIL) is showing visual sound worlds and radiant spatial installations from April 27th to October 27th, 2024. The digital-kinetic, audiovisual exhibition allows its visitors to fully immerse themselves in a world in which the boundaries between light, art and technology are blurred. Interdisciplinary international artists’ collectives present expansive installations that create immersive and changeable spaces and that transform the vaults of the former Linden brewery. These new approaches shift the focus away from the pure materiality of light art towards the programming codes that often run in the background and are often specially developed. It is the invisible, the digital, that makes the visible possible. Sound becomes an expanded medium that, together with light, makes the historic, rough brewery cellar shine in a completely new, enormously sensual dimension.

Image above: Nick Verstand, ANIMA, 2014, digital design: onformative, sound design: Salvador Breed © Nick Verstand, Foto: onformative

Constant technological development not only changes our everyday lives, but also shifts the horizons of our imagination. These changes are leading to a renegotiation of the boundaries between the physical and the virtual and challenging our perception of reality. The art world is not untouched by this process either. Especially in light-based art, creative people are increasingly pooling their know-how, joining together to form collectives and developing ideas together. The collaboration between a wide range of disciplines from art, lighting technology, software development and music creates groundbreaking works that expand the boundaries of what is possible.

DEEDS.NEWS - Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna - Playmodes Studio - Signes - 2023
Playmodes Studio, Signes, 2023 © Playmodes Studio

Among other things, the installation Signes (signs) by the artist team Playmodes Studio from Barcelona will be shown. Her artistic exploration deals with the relationship between visual and acoustic phenomena. The electronic music they compose creates a unity of image and sound. A generative algorithm ensures that the graphic, kinetic and acoustic elements are never exactly repeated and always surprises with new visual and acoustic form and sound experiences. Although a set order dictates the sequence of rules, the process remains unpredictable.

The members of Tundra (International Multimedia Artist Collective), a collaboration of visual artists and producers of electronic music, also mix light, sound and space in their works. They use technology as a means to interact with the changing environments of the installation. The installation ROW is a vector of hologram projectors that translates background noise into images that repeat at a slight offset, creating a visual echo.

DEEDS.NEWS - Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna - Tundra - ROW - 2023
Tundra (International Multimedia Artist Collective), ROW, 2023 © Tundra (International Multimedia Artist Collective)

The Dutch artist Nick Geist explores human perception through audiovisual spatial compositions in collaboration with various creatives. The resulting intuitive experiences create a hypnotic environment for our subconscious. The installation Anima, a shimmering, fluid and luminous ball surrounded by oscillating sounds, floats in one of the exhibition rooms of the Center for International Light Art in Unna. Through a behavior-based process, the installation suggests the impression of an autonomous sensory entity that could feel, act or even have a soul.


Saturday, 27. April until Sunday, 27. October 2024
Closed on Mondays


Lindenplatz 1
59423 Unna


Ticket € 14
Reduced € 8,50

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