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GROUP THERAPY – Art collection Telekom and Prague city Galllery – Prague city Gallery | 26.04.-11.08.2024

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The Municipal Gallery in Prague recently opened an exhibition of contemporary art with works by eighty artists who respond to the world’s pressing problems. Group Therapy is a dialogue and confrontation of artworks from the growing collections of the City Gallery of Prague and Deutsche Telekom. In more than eighty works by forty-six contemporary artists, it reflects on current social issues such as the threat to democracy, the rise of authoritarian regimes and intolerance towards minorities, foreigners and dissenters, apathy and indifference towards the climate crisis, terrorism and war. The title of the exhibition is derived from the exhibited work of artist Eva Kot’átková. In addition to Czech artists Lenka Glisníková, Daniel Balabán, the Bosnian artist Balabán, the Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić, the Croatian multimedia artist Igor Grubić and the Ukrainian painter Lesia Khomenko. The exhibition “Group Therapy” can be seen in the House of the Stone Bell on the Old Town Square from 26 April to 11 August 2024.

Image above: Foto © Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Foto by Jan Kolský

“When you look at the individual works in the collection, it becomes clear that the curators Nathalie Hoyos and Rainald Schumacher have very carefully selected those works that, regardless of country of origin, share a common commitment and the need to draw attention to social issues,” says GHMP director and curator Magdalena Juříková. She adds that the Art Collection Telekom is particularly inspiring because it brings together a body of work from an area that was united by the Eastern Bloc and therefore hardly any other reality. “The last three decades have changed us significantly, and this has naturally also been reflected in the statements of the artists represented. A collection organised in this way may seem like a somewhat urgent appeal, but given the worrying and explosive developments around us, it is highly desirable and appropriate.”

DEEDS NEWS Group Therapy Prag Stadt Galerie photo Jan Kolsky 3
Foto © Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Foto by Jan Kolský

Threat to democracy, equality and racism
The exhibition is divided into several thematic areas. One of the rooms deals with the fragility of democracy and the power of manipulation and authoritarian regimes. The exhibition opens with a painting entitled Something is…2 by Daniel Balabán. It shows almost ten figures with their faces turned to the sky, falling from the sky. The work, which represents the collections of the Prague Municipal Gallery in this exhibition, was created two years ago and is a reaction to the tragic situation of the inhabitants of the invaded Ukraine. The Russian aggression, the diary entries from February 2022 by Ukrainian conceptual artist Alevtina Kakhidze and cartoon snapshots from the Ukrainian Maidan by artist Lesia Khomenko.

The different status of women in Europe is shown in portrait photographs that almost seem like a lifestyle. Impression. Behind the large glasses, however, each woman has a story that deals with issues such as the right to have an abortion or to leave an abusive relationship. Personal memories, both private experiences and historical stories, are told by Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić. Her self-portraits reflect growing up during the war in Sarajevo in the 1990s. The wars in Yugoslavia are Igor Grubić’s photographs also return to Yugoslavia. The Croatian photographer captures miners organising strikes against Slobodan Milosevic.

DEEDS NEWS Group Therapy Prag Stadt Galerie photo Jan Kolsky 2
Foto © Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Foto by Jan Kolský

Technological progress, the climate crisis and mental health
The speed of technological development and the associated challenges are reflected in the works of Lenka Glisníková. In her sculptures, the artist scrutinises the current changes in the human way of life that are occurring as a result of unregulated technological progress. In the same room, we find Anna Hulačová’s sculpture Agro-Kosmo, which depicts an astronaut growing nutrients outside the Earth. Planet Earth. The environment and its care are also related to the photographs showing the impact of man on nature.

The exhibition concludes with works that relate to mental health, the need to look after oneself, but also to society as a whole. One of these is the work Group Therapy by Czech artist Eva Kot’átková, who is representing the Czech Republic at this year’s Venice Biennale. In the context of the exhibition as a whole, her work highlights the need to share problems, issues and pressing questions and to provoke a dialogue. Both between the works themselves and between them and the visitors. “This exhibition is primarily about humanistic values, which are the inner compass for the individual, but also for society. Values that determine the way we live together, respect others and shape a democratic and open society – against all right-wing extremist tendencies and autocratic dictators. And it is precisely the contemplation, evaluation and sharing of values that is the much-needed group therapy,” conclude the curators of the association’s art collection Nathalie Hoyos and Rainald Schumacher.

DEEDS NEWS Group Therapy Prag Stadt Galerie photo Jan Kolsky 4
Foto © Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Foto by Jan Kolský

“In 2010, we founded the Art Collection Telekom, which focuses on contemporary art from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Many of the works in this collection reflect the social and political changes and important issues of our time. Deutsche Telekom sees communication as its core business and sees itself as a mediator of communication. With the Deutsche Telekom Art Collection, we want to support artists from the region and make a contribution to an open, communicative culture that is important for mutual understanding in Europe,” says Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience, Deutsche Telekom.


Exhibition period:
Friday, 26. April until Sunday, 11. August 2024

Conversation with the artist:
Danica Dakić – Figur und Hintergrund: Wednesday, 5. June 2024 at 6 pm
Igorem Grubićem: Thursday, 8. August 2024 at 6 pm

Guided tours:
Tuesday, 4. June 2024 at 6 pm

Opening hours:
Tue – Sun, 10 am to 8 pm


Galerie hlavního města Prahy
Dům U Kamenného zvonu
Staroměstské náměstí 605/13


Regular: 200 CZK (8 €)
Reduced: 90 CZK (3,6 €)

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