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Berlin becomes a gallery. The question remains: where will the posters hang? Project “DU BIST AM ZUG” starts | 17.07.2024

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DU BIST AM ZUG, the project that called on Berliners to send in creative contributions in April, will display them on the 2,000 City Light Poster advertising spaces in Berlin sponsored by Wall GmbH from 17 July 2024. The exact locations are unknown. All Berliners are invited to take part in the poster search. Any posters discovered should be photographed and shared with the location on social media using the hashtag #dubistamzug. This way, all participants can find their poster.

Image above: DU BIST AM ZUG, Foto: Tim Schnetgöke

The creative contributions uploaded to the campaign website were designed by people aged between one and 87. The countries of origin of the contributors are spread all over the world. There are pictures from Albania, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Rwanda, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA.

The entries show an impressive variety: in addition to photos, collages, drawings, poems and texts, there are also contributions that draw attention to rare diseases in children and adults, to the issue of homelessness and to people who suffer from discrimination. Berlin is often the subject – how colourful, inclusive, free and diverse it is. But contributions that promote the themes of peace, inclusion, understanding, environmental protection and equality were also creatively realised.

Initiator Katya Assaf-Zakharov on the project: “DU BIST AM ZUG is an urban experiment that aims to find out what people would share with the city if they had the opportunity. It proves that the medium of posters primarily prompts people to send a spark of their personality and creativity into the city or to wish everyone well. I find that very heart-warming.”

Initiator Tim Schnetgöke summarises: “Before we started, there was of course the question of whether we were just lucky the first time, whether our idea wasn’t too optimistic after all. Now you can see the clear answer to this question – and all the work was worth it for us as initiators and our volunteer supporters.”

What is it about?
DU BIST AM ZUG was a pilot project in 2022, making Berlin the first city to give individuals the chance to share content of their choice with fellow citizens. The positive response it generated among participants, in the press, on the radio, television and in social media, as well as the numerous enquiries as to whether and when it would be repeated, prompted the initiators Katya Assaf-Zakharov and Tim Schnetgöke to organise the project again this year. Wall GmbH has once again been secured as a sponsor for the project.

Together, Katya Assaf-Zakharov and Tim Schnetgöke are continuing to develop the concept for DU BIST AM ZUG, based on their vision of the right of citizens to participate directly in the design of public space.

The entries submitted will be presented on the website and in July and August the creative contributions will be displayed on 2,000 Wall GmbH City Light posters throughout Berlin.


From Wednesday, 17 July 2024


Throughout Berlin

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