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CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR: Off-Space of the Düsseldorf Art Academy on Kurfürstendamm – 02.07.-30.07.2021

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In July 2021 (02.07-30.07.), a group of students from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf will exhibit in a shop at Kurfürstendamm 216. Closer Than They Appear is an off-space project. Paintings, sculptures, videos and performance will be shown.

DEEDS NEWS - Closer Than They Appear - Aussenansicht - Foto Simon Park
Closer Than They Appear, Kurfürstendamm 216 – Photo: Simon Park

Closer Than They Appear (Ctta) is a self-organised off-space project by students of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf to present current artistic works in Berlin. After much of last year’s artistic work, which is very much characterised by constant exchange in the normal course of business, was created at a spatial distance, the exhibition is used to create a connection between the different works. The title “Closer Than They Appear”, derived from the engraved warning on rear-view mirrors, is, among other things, an allusion to the fact that, in retrospect, the works are closer to each other through their themes and approaches than they appear at first glance. In common intersections, the works come closer to each other again in the temporal process; in the reflection of the works, there are overlaps, the appearance and disappearance of inner as well as outer narratives and observations.

In addition to art, the project is also about creating a temporary intervention and making good use of vacancies. The shop becomes a place of deceleration and offers space for dialogue. Visitors are invited to enter into this dialogue.

DEEDS NEWS - Closer Than They Appear - Team - Foto Andree Weische
The art students Lucie Gorzolka, Yunju Lee, Simon Park, Sophia Weische, Philippe Derlien (f.l.t.r.), Photo: Andree Weische

Lucie Gorzolka (*1997 in Mönchengladbach, GER) studies in the class of Prof. Thomas Scheibitz. The exhibition shows parts of her work that have emerged from an investigation between motif and narration. On display are representational depictions of paradoxical everyday situations.

Philippe Derlien (*1998 in Würzburg, GER) studies sculpture in the class of Prof.in Franka Hörnschemyer. In his works, he examines the relationship between inner and outer spaces as well as the temporal exchange of the individual with his environment. The results are objects, drawings and films that transport processes of dreaming and remembering as architectural set pieces.

DEEDS NEWS - Closer Than They Appear - Innenansicht - Foto Philippe Derlien
Works from left: Yunju Lee, Simon Park, Philippe Derlien, Yunju Lee, Luice Gorzolka, Hyesu Jeong, Sophia Weische – Photo: Philippe Derlien

Sophia C. A. Weische (*1997 in Köln, GER) studies painting in the class of Prof.in Sabrina Fritsch. She is interested in the dialogue that her mostly multi-part works enter into with each other and with the viewer. She is interested in depicting the world of thoughts and feelings in different ways and allowing the viewer to sense them. The exhibition shows three positions that achieve this through different approaches.

Yunju Lee (*1997 in Busan, KOR) creates distorted sceneries through intense observation, which are created by the surface refractions and fleeting reflections. In her latest works, the numbers of the glass surface act as a visual device that causes an optical disruption. She studies in the painting class of Prof.in Tomma Abts.

DEEDS NEWS - Closer Than They Appear - wand rechts - Foto Philippe Derlien
Works from left: Sophia Weische, Hyesu Jeong, Yunju Lee, Lucie Gorzolka – Photo: Philippe Derlien

Hyesu Jeong (*1995 in Seoul, KOR) paints after observing the houses around her. The moment they observe each other’s houses, she tries to find out the connection between the internal and the external, between her own experience and the situation around her. She studies painting with Prof.in Yesim Akdeniz.

The painterly installation by Simon Park (*1996 in Seoul, KOR) alludes to the fact that the meaningful self-preservation of the unframed canvases could be ephemeral on the one hand, while on the other hand it presents itself as a revealing, interactive narrative in the space. His self-image, which had to be fragmented and decentered during this period, is expressed through vivid colouring with a playful approach. He studies with Prof.in Yesim Akdeniz.

DEEDS NEWS - Closer Than They Appear - hinterer Raum - Foto Philippe Derlien
Works: Philippe Derlien, Yunju Lee – Photo: Philippe Derlien

Kurfürstendamm 216 (close to Fasanenstraße)
10719 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Friday, 2nd July to Friday, 30th July 2021

Short programme:

Fr, 16. July 2021 6:30 pm: Performance: Soomin Chae (UdK)
Fr, 30. July 2021 6:30 pm: Finissage and Performance by Soomin Chae (UdK)

The exhibition is open Tuesdays to Sundays between 1 pm and 6 pm.

More on Instagram: @ctta_berlin

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