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Oyoun – Kultur NeuDenken shows Becoming Alman | 26.-27.05.2022

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Physical artifacts, mixed media and performance – Bulgarian artist Lora Krasteva invites us to “Becoming Alman“, a performative exhibition that revolves around the theme of citizenship and will be on display on May the 26th and 27th at Oyoun.

Image above: Becoming Almancourtesy of Oyoun

Together with three local artists from different disciplines and art forms, a creative space is created in which people with migration experience reflect for themselves and their communities on questions around national identities, belonging and the challenges (and benefits!) of migration and being foreign.

Becoming Alman is the third in a series of gatherings opening up a space to interrogate notions of nationality, citizenship and belonging across Europe. Alongside exhibited artwork, multimedia creations & performances, participants and audiences are asked to reflect upon what it means to “Become Alman”…

Curated by Lora Krasteva, in collaboration with jô osbórnia, Elif Çelik & Jingyun Li With contributions from 12 migrant participants.

The artists

Lora Krasteva is a Bulgarian artist based in Sheffield, UK. Her lived experience of migration in 6 different countries and her recent insights from applying for British citizenship, is what led her to this project. Lora is part of Global Voices Theatre, a theatre company dedicated to introducing international theatre by long-term excluded creatives in the UK. She creates devised, socially engaged theatre with professionals and other community members alike and has worked with Arts & Homelessness International to advocate for a place for creativity in homelessness provision. Lora is a member of What Next? and a founding member of Migrants in Theatre, the movement advocating for a better representation of 1st generation immigrants both on and off stage.

jô osbórnia is a poet, performer and translator. In her work, she‘s interested in questions of gender and colonialism. More specifically, she tries to reflect, from her position as a travesti migrant in europe, on poetic and performative languages that might be implied by an anti-colonial thought/attitude inside the metropolis. Her writing is mostly in Portuguese/Brazilian and German.

Jingyun Li studied Media Studies (Bachelor) with a minor in Chinese Languages and Literature at Fudan University (China), Duke University and the University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) as well as International Dramaturgy (Master) at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). After stints as a dramaturg at Opera Forward Festival 2019 at Dutch National Opera and Holland Festival, she came to Germany in 2019, where she interned at Komische Oper Berlin and jtw spandau. Her own projects thematically focus on sexuality, cultures, and languages, and are therefore interdisciplinary and multilingual. Li currently co-curates the international programme of Stadttheater Spandau GbR and works at APAL@AmnAsian and the Performing Arts Festival.

Elif Çelik was born in Ulm in 1997 and has been studying fine arts at the Stuttgart Art Academy since 2016. She is currently attending the class of Alisa Margolis. In her work she shows how extrinsic conditions of her social environment unbalance or manipulate the orientation process of her German-Turkish identity. As a Muslim woman, she tries to open a discourse with her painting. She wants to confront the viewers with the fact that she and other people in Germany are exposed to constant observation because they do not fit the norm of the majority society.



Thursday, 26. Mai 2022
7:30 PM – Exhibition Opening
8:00 PM – Sharing followed by refreshments and an opportunity to meet the artists in the Oyoun garden

Friday, 27. Mai 2022
10:00 AM – 7PM – Exhibition
7:30 PM – Doors Sharing #2
8:00 PM – Sharing #2 followed by a conversation with the artists


Oyoun – Kultur NeuDenken
Lucy-Lameck-Straße 32
12049 Berlin-Neuköln


Admission is free, but booking for the sharings essential via: www.oyoun.de

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