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Museum of Photography | Bird’s eye view and frog’s eye view. Photography for Children | 9.10.2022 – 19.2.2023

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For the first time, the Berlin Museum of Photography is opening its doors primarily to children. A colourful mix of around 170 works offers works from the Art Library’s photographic collection as well as a concentrated selection of prints, drawings, sculptures and films. All together, they illustrate the uses, forms of design and expression of photography from its beginnings to the present day.

Image above: Willy Römer, “Auch an Bord gibt es wie auf dem Land Puppenmütter”, 1932, © bpk, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kunstbibliothek, Photothek Willy Römer.

Ten associatively grouped chapters offer a colourful abundance of pictures and photographic stories. They bring episodes for finding, collecting and telling pictures; for reading numbers, letters or clouds as well as for discoveries in everyday life, at school and on journeys.

Dazu gehören Aufnahmen von Tier und Natur, Geschichten von Familien und Freundschaften, aber auch Automatenporträts und fotografische Farb-, Licht-, Spiegel- und Materialspiele. Die Ausstellung spannt den Bogen vom Knipsbild über die klassische Werbeaufnahme aus dem Profistudio und die sozial engagierte Bildreportage bis hin zu künstlerisch intendierten Gestaltungsformen und Konzepten. Dazu zählen der Piktorialismus um 1900, das Neue Sehen der 1920er-Jahre, Fotografik, Mail Art sowie Positionen der inszenierten Fotografie.

DEEDS NEWS - Kirchhoff - Brieftaube -NEU
H. Kirchhoff, Carrier pigeon with double-sport camera, c. 1910, © Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

A concentrated selection of prints, drawings and sculptures as well as films complement the presentation, which focuses primarily on the concrete, sensual materiality of original photographs and offers a “school of seeing”. In addition, a reading island with photographically illustrated picture books creates space to immerse oneself in photo stories. This media diversity unfolds different perspectives not only for young people. It is for everyone who has retained an open view of the world, the arts and not least photography.

An extensive accompanying programme invites visitors to discover, try out and participate in the exhibition. It focuses on actions and workshops with both historical and contemporary forms of application of photography to show the topicality of early ways of seeing and working, continuities as well as the potentials of old and new technology. In addition, interdisciplinary events, performances and artist talks open up a view of the close interweaving of the history of photography with realities of life, questions and practices from everyday life, culture and art. A catalogue will be published by Snoeck, Cologne.

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