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Two exhibitions and five concerts: Suoni e Tracce * Sounds and Traces * Klänge und Spuren – NOME | 27.08.2022 until Summer 2023

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Suoni e Tracce * Sounds and Traces * Klänge und Spuren is a multi-part sonic program consisting of two exhibitions and five concerts curated by Luciano Chessa. The concert program will culminate in a group exhibition in June 2023 entitled Sounds and Traces, which explores sound and its visual consequences. The exhibition will feature works by Soheila Bajelan, Terry Berlier, Øyvind Brandtsegg, Christopher Burns, Constance DeJong, Laura Grisi, Joe Jones, Chris Kallmyer, and Lee Ranaldo.

Image above: Lee Ranaldo, Photo Anna Bogaciovas

NOME launches its series of concert and exhibition with the exhibition Vinyl Record Drypoint Prints by the American musician and visual artist Lee Ranaldo from August 27th until September 10th. Ranaldo will perform his composition In Virus Times, an instrumental acoustic piece in four parts that explores the sense of motionless time through sparse, meandering melodies and spacious chordal drones.

In his artwork, Ranaldo uses old vinyl records as plates for drypoint engraving – scratching directly on the vinyl surface and then printing the results. His exhibition Vinyl Record Drypoint Prints will present a series of prints related to In Virus Times that includes, among other images, a work based on an electron microscope shot of the Covid-19 virus.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy of the artist and NOME - Lee Ranaldo - exhibition Vinyl Record Drypoint Prints
Lee Ranaldo, from the series Vinyl Records Drypoint Prints, 2017

Lee Ranaldo is a musician, composer, visual artist, writer, producer. Ranaldo was a founding member of Sonic Youth, from their debut in 1981 until they disbanded in 2011. His artworks and videos have recently been exhibited in gallery and museum shows in Porto, Halifax, Miami, Tampa, Vienna, Prague, Gent, Bratislava, Auckland, Salt Lake City, Austin, Brooklyn, at the VOLTA fair in Manhattan and in Menen, Belgium. He has been an artist-in-Residence: at CNEAI, Paris (2007, 2008); NSCAD, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2013); Villa Arson, Nice, France (2014).

Luciano Chessa is an Italian musician, artist, and music historian. He has been commissioned multiple times by the Performa Biennial. In 2014 he presented three events at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum as part of the exhibition Italian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the Universe.


Suoni e Tracce * Sounds and Traces * Klänge und Spuren Series: Saturday, 27. August, 2022 to summer 2023

Exhibitions dates Vinyl Record Drypoint Prints: Saturday, 27. August to Saturday, 10. September 2022

Concert Program:
Lee Ranaldo: Saturday, 27. August 2022
Chris Newman: Friday, 11. November 2022
Margareth Kammerer feat. Cat Lamb: Saturday, 22. April 2023
Francesco Donadello: Saturday, 27. May 2023
Yoyo Röhm + Kristof Hahn: Friday, 7. July 2023


Potsdamer Straße 72
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten

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