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Savvy Contemporary: Magical Hackerism or the Elasticy of Resilence – Berlin Art Week

Editors’ Choice

Magical Hackerism (“Magical Hackerism”) is concerned with the indispensable hacking of reality as well as with the creation of a multiplicity of worlds. Magical Hackerism is the manifestation of the Tropical Turn as a state of mind: the etymology of the word “tropes” goes back to the ancient belief that the sun turns at the solstices – tropikós, from the Greek word τροπή, meaning the point at which things turn.

Image above: courtesy of Savvy Contemporary

Since the dawn of ideas about the globe, the one-world mindset has been considered our dominant cosmology. A cosmology can be understood as a set of principles or a framework that determine our understanding of the planet, our way of being and the way we relate to each other. Consequently, our responses and responsibilities are also conditioned by cosmologies and framings. The dominant cosmology of globalism is deeply rooted in modern binary understandings of the planet with hierarchies embedded in them: Nature/Culture, Civilised/Wild, West/East, the so-called Global North/South. Whatever is done on one side of the line is acknowledged, while what happens on the other side is made invisible. Computerised solution and optimisation thinking has led us to impose a homogenising universal system on communities and lifeworlds for the sake of progress and civilisation. The vision of post-capitalist scenarios is also developing through and along a single global system. So we ask ourselves: how far will we go to maintain the verticalities we have practised so far? There is not one answer to the complexities of our planet, but several. How can we change the way we respond to climate catastrophe and (post-)COVID-19 realities? How can we create a multiplicity of worlds and ways of being?

In this collaborative experiment, neighbouring spaces SAVVY Contemporary & panke.gallery come together to explore different forms of technologies from a tropikós perspective, to diversify and redistribute networks of technologies and cultural imaginaries, and to arrive at a pluriversal understanding of the planet. Our aim is to complicate the dominant cosmology of modern binary divisions, to break the vertical view of our natural, artificial and hybrid environments, and to establish dialogues between a multiplicity of worlds and cosmologies that exist out of and through themselves rather than as opposites.

With Magical Hackerism, we want to apply a pluriversal understanding of technologies and thereby gather the resources to create a multiplicity of realities. This is more than recognition, it is an opportunity for re-recognition: it is an opportunity to re-wire the fundamental code of what we think makes us human. We are interested in the tropisms that keep life in motion. Despite an existence that must defy all adversities and defy binaries, the technologies of life flourish and survive the technologies of mass delusion and dis-location.


BEI SAVVY Contemporary Reinickendorfer Straße 17 13347 Berlin, Germany
OPENING 14.09.2022 19:00
OPENING HOURS 15.09.-04.11.2022 Thursday-Sunday 14:00-19:00
WITH Aarati Akkapeddi, Theresah Ankomah, Eric Beltrán, Sandra de Berduccy, Shailesh BR, Tania Candiani, Nolan Oswald Dennis, Cian Dayrit & Mark Sanchez, Merv Espina, Jung Hsu & Natalia Rivera, Los Carpinteros, Joiri Minaya, Sheila Nakitende, Vernelle A. A. Noel, Sahej Rahal, Eliécer Salazar, Corinne de San Jose, Juliana dos Santos, Sindicato Virtual de Mods & Club Matryoshka, Cem Sonel, Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Abel Rodríguez, Wakaliga Uganda

BEI panke.gallery Hof V Gerichtstraße 23 13347 Berlin

OPENING   14.09.2022   19:00

OPENING HOURS   15.09.–06.11.2022   Wednesday-Saturday  15:00–19:00

With Brian Mackern, Cristóbal Cea, Giselle Beiguelman, Bruno Moreschi & Bernardo Fontes, Gustavo Romano, Fabiola Larios, Liliana Farber, Miyö Van Stenis, Molly Soda, Thiago Herzan 

BEI    /rosa    Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 35    10178 Berlin

OPENING   16.09.2022    19:00–22:00

OPENING HOURS 6.09.–06.11.2022    Friday 15:00–19:00 & Saturday–Sunday 14:00–19:00

With Brian Mackern, Gustavo Romano, Homeostasis Lab, Alcides Martínez Portillo, Mari Nagem, Mariela Yeregui, NETescopio (MEIAC)

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