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P61 Gallery presents Kinesis – A Journey in Motion | from 14.03.2024

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Kinesis – A Journey in Motion is the title of the new multimedia exhibition that will be shown at the P61 Gallery on Potsdamer Straße from 14 March 2024. The exhibition is curated as an experience of immersive art and installation on the border between reality and the digital world. Kinesis presents a mixture of light, sound and art over an area of 600 square metres. The exhibition breaks with conventional notions of artistic concepts and emphasises the idea that pure experience itself can be art. The aim of the curation is for this idea to develop within a dynamic dance between the artists and the viewers, and for the absence of a concept to represent the essence of liberation.

Image above: Cornel Swoboda, courtesy of P61 Gallery

“kinesis” (κίνησις) is the ancient Greek word for movement or change. The verb “kineo”, means “to move” or “to set in motion”. In a broader sense, “kinesis” refers to any form of movement, be it physical or metaphorical. In the dark rooms of a former laboratory, visitors can embark on a journey of contemplation through nine installations and twelve exhibition areas. On an exhibition area of around 600 square metres, Kinesis presents 65 high-resolution screens, a 30-square-metre LED wall and various light and sound installations. Each room radiates an individual atmosphere and yet contributes to a holistic experience. The aim of the exhibition is for light, sound and works of art to merge into an emotional spectacle of sound and colour. It is aimed at visitors of all ages; younger children must be accompanied by an adult.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy P61 Gallery - Kinesis - DreamsOfTheHeart
Dreams Of The Heart, courtesy of P61 Gallery

Curator Chams Knorr on the exhibition idea: “In Kinesis, the boundaries of conventional exhibitions dissolve and the conventional idea of artistic concepts fades into the background. In this fascinating space, we proudly declare: This exhibition has no concept. Here we promote the idea that not everything needs a deep meaning. Sometimes the pure experience itself is the art. Here, every installation is proof of the artist’s creativity.”

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy P61 Gallery - Kinesis - Yanis Georges V3
Yanis Georges, courtesy of P61 Gallery

Kinesis claims to redefine the traditional gallery environment. Walking through the installations should become a personal odyssey and visitors should be encouraged to cast off the shackles of overthinking. The boundaries between viewer and artwork should become blurred. The only rule is to embrace the immersive.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy P61 Gallery - Kinesis - Thibault Zeller V2
Thibault Zeller, courtesy of P61 Gallery

Participating artists

Adam Martinakis
Alexis Christodoulou
Anthem Films
Cornel Swoboda
Daniel Megias del Paza
Finn Moeller
Hayk Zakoyan

Ivan Derr
Jonathan Plesel
Jordan Clark
Josh Pierce
Kaiwan Shaban
Lior Sadeh Studio
Markus Gonser
Max Freyss
Max Salzborn
Melvin Werner
Mikhail Sedov
Morten Lasskogen
Nitzan Tregerman
Piotrek Naumowicz
Thibault Zeller
Vincent Schwenk
Yanis Georges

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy P61 Gallery - Kinesis - Mikhail Sedov V2
Mikhail Sedov, courtesy of P61 Gallery


The Berlin-based P61 Gallery creates unique exhibitions in close collaboration with renowned artists from all over the world. The duration of these exhibitions ranges flexibly from two weeks to a whole year. Thanks to the extensive technical equipment, which includes 70 high-resolution screens, two striking LED walls and various projection surfaces, the gallery offers art in the form of a multimedia experience.

DEEDS NEWS - courtesy P61 Gallery - Kinesis - Morten V2
Morten, courtesy of P61 Gallery


Opening hours
from Friday, 12. April 2024

Mon-Thu: 4:00 – 8:00 pm
Fri: 4:00 pm – midnight
Sat: 4:00 pm – midnight
Sun: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Opening hours
from Friday, 10. May 2024

Mon-Fri 4:00 – 8:00 Uhr


P61 Gallery
Potsdamer Str. 61
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten


13 EUR / 9 EUR reduced

To the Tickets


M48 (Lützowstr./Potsdamer Str.) M29 (Potsdamer Brücke)

Potsdamer Platz S1, S2, S25, S26 + M48, M85

U-Bahn: U2 Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park

From Berlin Hauptbahnhof:
S-Bahn: S5, S7, S75 Bus: M85
around 10 min by Taxi

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