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Utopians – Visionary People. Photo book by Felix Lammers & Yasmin Heinz

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After 4 years of travelling and collaboration, Berlin-based photographer Felix Lammers and London-based make-up artist Yasmin Heinz present “Utopians – Visionary People”. The photo book, which will be published in February 2024 and portrays visionary people, celebrates human beauty in all its forms and emphasises freedom and respect beyond cultural and social barriers. “Utopians” is more than just a photo book: it is a platform that empowers diverse voices and offers a fresh, inspiring vision of harmonious coexistence. An invitation to rediscover the value of diversity and to imagine a better world.

Image above: Cover Utopians – Visionary People, Florence Garrett, member of Drag Syndrom, swimmer; Make up: Yasmin Heinz, photographer: Felix Lammers

The project by Felix Lammers and Yasmin Heinz took place in two different locations – Berlin and London – to capture the urban atmosphere of these two melting pots, documenting the lives of the protagonists in a time of radical change and capturing the essence of change and diversity in these vibrant cities.

Utopians – Visionary People, Twiindance company, street artists; Make up: Yasmin Heinz, Photographer: Felix Lammers

The book “Utopians” is a testimony to their journey and their encounters and contains over 200 pages of impressive portraits of pioneers from art, culture and science who share their utopian visions with the reader. These icons and innovators represent various fields such as activism, architecture, fashion, film, nature, music, science, sport and street art. Among them are actors Clemens Schick and Albrecht Schuch, comedian Gayle Trufts, DJs Itamar Asher and Cosmic Caz as well as the Twiin Dance Company, the Ukrainian cultural community of Berlin and Paralympic champion Florence Garrett.

Felix Lammers und Yasmin Heinz, Fotograf: Burhan Qurbani

Felix Lammers and Yasmin Heinz are united by their passion for creativity, innovation and the autonomy of communities that defy individual preferences, cultural norms and social conditions. Utopians is both a book and a project that aims to serve as a platform for different voices and perspectives to be heard.

About the artists

Felix Lammers

Catching the magical moments that reveal a person’s essence fascinates me as a portrait photographer. Throuhout my international career, I’ve had the privilege of working with highly talented people. Whether for campaigns with high-end clients in the fashion and beauty industry or editorials for esteemed magazines, I love teamwork. Over years of collaboration Yasmin and I have developed a strong creative synergy, and our latest venture “Utopians” takes this dynamic to a whole new level.”

Utopians – Visionary People, Niels Trispel & Joe Bresan, artists, models; make-up: Yasmin Heinz, photographer: Felix Lammers

Felix Lammers’ successful career in the world of beauty, fashion and portrait photography is a testament to his creative energy and unique perspective. From a young age, when he began photographing his friends, Felix Lammers had an innate ability to see and capture the beauty in everything around him. Felix Lammers success lies in his ability to reveal the truth and beauty behind each of his subjects, creating images that deeply touch the viewer.

Utopians – Visionary People, Clemens Schick, actor, filmmaker; Make up: Yasmin Heinz, photographer: Felix Lammers

Felix Lammers Portfolio umfasst Kooperationen mit renommierten Marken wie Jil Sander, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Maybelline und Aveda. Seine Fähigkeiten haben auch eine Reihe von Prominenten angezogen, darunter Uma Thurman, Cate Blanchett, Robin Wright, Diane Kruger und Mélanie Laurent. Seine Arbeiten wurden international in führenden Publikationen wie Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Amica, Elle, L’Officiel und Vanity Fair veröffentlicht.

Yasmine Heinz

Having lived and worked as a makeup artist in New York and Paris, I am now based in London. I am drawn to the creative outsiders and street artists out there who dare to defy boundaries. Getting to meet all those visionaries during our new project was amazing. Trasforming them into utopian artworks was mi biggest challenge yet“.

Utopians – Visionary People, Ra-fi Bo Howard, world champion dancer; make-up: Yasmin Heinz, photographer: Felix Lammers

Yasmin Heinz, born in a small village in northern Germany, dreamed of becoming a visual artist from a young age. Her path changed during her studies in New York when she met the renowned make-up artist Linda Mason and her passion for make-up was ignited. Yasmin Heinz’s talent for mixing colours with artistic skill quickly became apparent when she worked with Mason.

In 2007, Yasmin moved to London, where she soon attracted the attention of international photographers, designers and celebrities. Her visionary creativity has led her to work at major fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris for designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Thierry Mugler.

Utopians – Visionary People, Robert Morrison, celebrity stylist; make-up: Yasmin Heinz, photographer: Felix Lammers

Über das Buch

Utopians – Visionary People by Felix Lammers & Yasmin Heinz
Publication date: Februar 2024
Design: printkultur (Munich)
Foreword: Joachim Baldauf
Interview: Melissa Moore
Image editing: Valentina d’Ettore
Format: 18×27 cm, large softcover
approx. 200 pages
Price: 39 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-9824241-94

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