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Mercurial. A photo + totem exhibition by Gøneja ✷ at the Organ Kritischer Kunst | 11.02.-27.02.2022

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From 11 February 2022, the exhibition space Organ Kritischer Kunst in Wedding will present the exhibition Mercurial by Berlin-based photographer and totem maker Gøneja ✷. On display are photographs and totem sculptures by the artist as media for the experimental activation of the alchemical spirit.

Image above: Tsuki, 2021, Tsuki’s ritualistic lunar dance in an obscure industrial location, inkjet print on aluminium plate, white wood shadow box frame, 53 x 72 x 4 cm

Alchemists believe in the ultimate unity of matter and spirit; the direct correlation that exists between the tangible physical world, the body, and the immaterial realm of consciousness, the soul. For them, the human mind is the special place in the cosmos that stands in between and can thus conceive of them not as different but as parallels on different dimensions.

DEEDS NEWS - Goneja - Bunker
Bunker, 2021
Neglected WWII bunker structure in Normandy during the high tide.
Inkjet print on aluminium plate, black wood shadow box frame, 73 x 89 x 4 cm

As above, so below: it is the mercurial quality of mind that embodies the practice of alchemy itself. The physical fluidity and mobility of the chemical element is an expression of its ability to flow in an endless exchange between the spiritual and physical realms. Similarly, in mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, able to bring celestial information to the world of the living and back to heaven.

DEEDS NEWS - Goneja - Métaraph
Métaraph, 2021
Artist portrait of the idiosyncratic DJ and performer Métaraph.
Inkjet print, 82 x 95 cm

In his second solo exhibition, Mercurial, opening at the Organ Kritischer Kunst project space, Berlin-based Gøneja ✷ uses photography and totemic sculpture as media to bring the spirit of alchemy to life through a combination of artistic experiments that are both fluid and idea-driven. An aesthetic territory that aims to transcend the limitations and duality of the rational mind through the use of symbolism, mysterious physicalities, indefinable narratives and open-ended meanings.

DEEDS NEWS - Goneja - Berenice
Berenice, 2021
Domestic nude portrays with Berenice, exploring the vulva symbolism.
Inkjet print, 54 x 63 cm

Gøneja ✷ is a photographer and totem maker based in Berlin. He has contributed to print and online magazines, including a cover feature for DJ-Mag 2019. The artist self-published two photography books, Together We Dance (2018) and Rituals (2020), both distributed by Motto. He participated in international group exhibitions and had a solo exhibition at tête Berlin in 2020.

DEEDS NEWS - Goneja - Totems
Untitled & Spirit Taurus, 2021
Totemic sculptures made with left-overs of metal pieces used in construction.
Steel, 191 x 24 x 24 cm
Steel, 183 x 50 x 15 cm

The OKK project group / Raum 29 has existed since summer 2007 and has been used by international artists of various genres in different ways. The Organ of Critical Art focuses its work on socio-critical culture. Art with cultural and socio-political themes and the range of critical modes of expression are to be mobilised and bundled. The aim is to build a network that organises exchange and discussion in the political field on a local, national and meta-national level and to present it to the public.


Opening: Friday, 11. February 2022, 4 pm

Exhibition dates: Friday, 11 February to Sunday, 27 February 2022


OKK – Organ Kritischer Kunst, Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin-Wedding

Opening hours:

Thursday to Sunday, 4pm – 6pm

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