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Neurotitan shows 112.5 BPM HUMATIC co.llabs | 22.04.-13.05.2023

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112.5 BPM set the tone for an extraordinary exhibition that combines interactive sound and conceptual art, highlights of experimental research and performance with the explosiveness of current issues: In the collaborative work show “112.5 BPM – HUMATIC co.llabs”, the exhibits combine to form a concert-like whole and provide an insight into the collective work of the HUMATIC brand at the neurotitan gallery.

Image above: Frame Work 02, © HUMATIC C Graupner

String instruments up to 10 metres long, autonomously playing and interactive sound and image machines, installations and works on paper are presented in the exhibition. The composer and media producer Christian Graupner alias VOOV gives an insight into decades of conceptual and processual work with HUMATIC collaborators. The HUMATIC brand unites creative people who work in the fields of conceptual art with digital image and sound media as well as performance.

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112.5 BPM denotes the musical tempo in which the works combine to form a concert-like whole. Some of the works touch on explosive topics such as violence, religion, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and European conditions. Various aspects of HUMATIC’s collective work come together in the exhibition: Sound object, music, AV installation, performance, works on paper and conceptual. In the accompanying performance series Adapter 112_5 (06-13 May 2023), the sound artists Mieko Suzuki, Sofia Borges, Katharina Bévand, hÄK and others will work with the exhibits.


Galerie neurotitan
Rosenthaler Strasse 39
10178 Berlin-Mitte


Opening: Saturday, 22 April 2023 from 6 p.m.

Exhibition dates: Saturday, 22 April to Saturday, 13 May 2023

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