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Group exhibition: Imagine Another Perspective – Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung | 13.07.-08.09.2024

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The exhibition Imagine Another Perspective from 13 July 2024 is a series of works by three international artists Mandy Barker, Caleb Charland and Maija Tammi. The exhibition illustrates areas of the natural world around us that often go unnoticed but are essential to our survival – the invisible, the overlooked and the surprising.

Imagine above: Mandy Barker, Bird’s Nest, from the series Soup, 152 x 107 cm, Archival Digital Print; Mandy Barker, Courtesy of East Wing/Doha

Mandy Barker has been working with scientists for over ten years to raise awareness of the pollution of the world’s oceans by plastic waste and to emphasise its harmful effects. Photography, according to the artist, has the power to encourage people to act, to move them emotionally or at least to sensitise them.

The american artist Caleb Charland combines scientific curiosity with a purposeful approach in his paintings. His work is a response to curiosity about how the world works and to global concern about the future of our energy sources.

Caleb Charland, Orange Battery, from the series: Back to Light, 60,96 x 71,12 cm, Archival Digital Print, Caleb Charland, Courtesy of East Wing/Doha

With the help of long exposures and experiments with light-sensitive paper, Charland visualises forces that are invisible to the human eye but exist all around us. He also draws attention to plant life, which runs parallel to human life on a daily basis.

Maija Tammi, HIVE MIND, 2020, 38 x 30 cm, Archival pigment print on acrylic glass, Maija Tammi, Courtesy of East Wing/Doha

In her series “Immortal’s Birthday”, the Finnish artist Maija Tammi explores the life of Hydra vulgaris, a small freshwater polyp that does not age. Her photographs examine the position of humans within the continuum of existence and ageing. In doing so, the artist explores practical and metaphysical questions that the Hydra has raised from the 18th century to the present day. Her work on the Hydra combines Greek mythology and spirituality with technology and biological research.


Exhibition dates: Saturday, 13 July to Sunday, 08 September 2024

Opening: Friday, 12 July 2024, 7 – 9 pm

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm


Auguststr. 75
10117 Berlin

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