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Muster und Moderne. Art of the 1920s from the Zuschlag-Wieneke Collection – Bröhan-Museum | 24.11.2022-12.02.2023

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++ Addendum: Due to water damage in the Bröhan Museum, the exhibition “Muster und Moderne. Art of the 1920s from the Zuschlag-Wieneke Collection” has to be postponed. Works of art were NOT damaged in the water damage. The exhibition will open at a later date. ++

Constructivism and geometric abstraction shaped the visual arts as well as the design of the 1920s. For 50 years, Fritz Zuschlag and Bodo Wieneke-Zuschlag have been exploring the theme of abstraction in the visual arts as well as in the applied field.

Image above: Adolf Richard Fleischmann, Untitled, o. J., Fritz Zuschlag Collection, Bodo Wieneke-Zuschlag, Cologne. Photo: Colya Zucker.

With a great deal of passion and expertise, the two men from Cologne have assembled a collection that illuminates the art of the 1920s in its various facets. One focus is on the art of the Bauhaus and German Constructivism. In 2022, the Bröhan Museum has agreed with the couple Zuschlag-Wieneke on a transfer of the high-calibre collection, which will become the long-term property of the museum. With around 250 paintings, sculptures and ceramics, the exhibition now offers an insight into the extensive collection for the first time.

The collection of Fritz Zuschlag, Bodo Wieneke-Zuschlag represents all important positions of the 1920s to 1930s, which also includes figurative tendencies up to paintings in the style of New Objectivity. A special feature is the equal value with which works of fine and applied art encounter each other on an equal footing. In Germany in particular, where, unlike in the Anglo-Saxon art and museum landscape, the fields are usually still sharply divided and often outdated genre hierarchies continue to have an effect, such an orientation is rare. Yet it is precisely in the synopsis of art and design that new observations and insights can emerge that benefit the study of both fields. The Bröhan Museum has been pursuing this interdisciplinary approach for many years and is very happy that Fritz Zuschlag and Bodo Wieneke-Zuschlag have made it the addressee of this generous donation.

In the 1920s, the stylistic elements of the avant-garde were echoed in the design of everyday life. Particularly noteworthy here is the field of ceramics: jugs, vases and cake plates with painted and sprayed geometric decorations are still coveted collector’s items today. The invention of spray decoration allowed both sharp lines and fine colour gradients through the use of geometric stencils. This combination of art and technology was appealing to a wide variety of artistic disciplines.

A particularly interesting collection within the collection is the art of the Cologne Progressives, who formed as an avant-garde group of artists after the First World War and whose art was strongly influenced by their political direction. The Cologne Progressives, rarely shown in Berlin so far, have their own room in the exhibition.


Thursday, 24. November 2022 to Sunday, 12. February 2023

ATTENTION: The start of the exhibition is postponed due to water damage


Schlossstraße 1a
14059 Berlin-Charlottenburg

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