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The smooth life. Puppentheater im TATWERK | 18.05.2024

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The guest performance “The Smooth Life” by Husam Abed and Dafa Puppet Theatre is a non-traditional documentary solo puppet show for 8 spectators with a culinary surprise at the end. It will be performed on 18. May 2024 at TATWERK Berlin.

Image above: Smooth Life 02 photo by Irena Vodáková

Stories and events from the family life of a Palestinian man who was born and raised in a refugee camp in Jordan, performed and staged by him in an intimate account of the history of his homeland since the Palestinian Nakbah/Catastrophe of 1948.

DEEDS NEWS The smooth life. Puppentheater im TATWERK Foto Irena Vodakova 2
The Smooth Life 03 @ Irena Vodakova

Husam Abed was born and raised in the Baqa’a refugee camp, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. While the audience sits around the table and the food is prepared, he tells the stories of his family’s diaspora in the context of the political events in the region in a charming and vivid way. With soulful music and the power of the objects, you get very close to something that seems very far away.

DEEDS NEWS The smooth life. Puppentheater im TATWERK David Kumrmann-min
The Smooth Life @ David Kumrmann, Akcent Festival Archa Theatre Czech Republic

All of this is accompanied by video projections, objects, photos, maps, videos and, above all, raw “recycled” materials – tin cans, wire, paper, wood, grains of rice – and good old storytelling. Abed speaks loudly, whispers, bangs his fist on the table, sings and dances. We hear stories about a life and experiences that are far removed from our reality. At the table, art is combined with life and creation, mixed with realism. Abed uses the stories from his personal and everyday life to create an atmosphere that appeals to all our senses.

The performance is in English and offers space for 8 spectators.


Saturday, 18. May 2024 at 5 pm and 8 pm


TATWERK | Performative Forschung
Hasenheide 9 Gewerbehof Aufg.1 3.OG
10967 Berlin


Regular: 15 €
Reduced: 10 €

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