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Inseln des Glücks – Best Of Esterhazy Art Award

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Until 19 August 2021, the exhibition “Inseln des Glücks” (> Islands of Happiness), organised by NOW Esterhazy Contemporary and the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, presents a ‘best of’ the young Hungarian art scene at CH-Berlin (Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin-Mitte). Most of the selected artists are winners of the Esterhazy Art Award. At the opening, curator Vitus Weh guided through the exhibition – in the presence of three exhibiting artists: Imre Nagy, Márton Nemes and Péter Puklus.

DEEDS NEWS Collegium Hungaricum Esterhazy Award 2021
Group photo Vitus Weh, Imre Nagy, Marton Nemes, Marta Nagy, Zsuzska Petro, Peter Puklus (f.l.t.r.)

In quarantine it was clearly noticeable: we are islands. Each and every one of us on our own, and around us a vast ocean. For many artists, however, this state is normal. Wrapped up in their own work and working for themselves in their studios, many live in a permanent home office anyway. Socially, however, such an artist’s life is not considered a reduction but a realisation.

DEEDS NEWS - Peter Puklus auf Teppich_CHB24062021_Antal_web-59-min
Peter Puklus auf Teppich, Photo: Antal

Indeed, it has recently become apparent in many studios that a social retreat also brings positive expansions and sometimes even “happiness”. The exhibition “Islands of Happiness” circles around this current dynamic with six artistic positions. Most of the selected artists are winners of the Esterhazy Art Award.

DEEDS NEWS - Mira_CHB24062021_Antal_web-8-min
Mira Dalma Makai, Exhibition view, Foto: Antal

The Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) has been promoting cultural and academic exchange between Hungary and Germany since 1924. Today, the CHB is primarily active in the cultural field. Its programmes are the result of cooperation between Hungarian, German and international artists and institutions. The institute has its own library, offers language courses and also organises academic programmes.

DEEDS NEWS - Marton Nemes_vor Werk_CHB24062021_Antal_web-57-min
Marton Nemes vor Kunstwerk, Photo: Antal

NOW – Esterhazy Contemporary promotes cross-border artistic dialogue and commissions site- and context-specific artworks. Commissioned by the Esterhazy Foundations, NOW – Esterhazy Contemporary aims to continue the cultural traditions of the Princes Esterházy in the field of visual arts in a contemporary way.

In this spirit, the Esterhazy Art Award has been presented every two years since 2009. The accompanying exhibition is considered the most important showcase of the young art scene in Hungary. The Art Award is currently being announced again. The exhibition of the nominated artists will be shown at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest from December 2021 to February 2022.

DEEDS NEWS - Peter Puklus - Kopf - Installation view-min
Peter Puklus, Installationsansicht, Photo: Antal

“The Esterhazy Art Award has set itself the task of promoting the young Hungarian art scene. In the meantime, it has set the tone for the contemporary art market, because for numerous artists the nomination means the beginning of an international career. This fills us with pride and we are looking forward to continuing to support many young artists in the future,” says Dr. Stefan Ottrubay, Director of the Esterhazy Foundations.

Click here for more: www.esterhazy-now.at

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