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DEEDS.NEWS – The Art Newspaper from Berlin is the online portal from Berlin for selected news, information and dates from the art and culture scene. DEEDS is based in the capital. Therefore, articles from Berlin, the creative center of art and culture in Germany, naturally form a focal point. In addition, the focus is also on selected art news from other cities around the world.

Twice a year DEEDS.NEWS The Art Newspaper for Berlin is published as a printed art newspaper. The Spring/Summer issue is available from the Berlin Gallery Weekend (beginning of May), the Fall/Winter issue is published at the Berlin Art Week (mid-September). You can pick up the Art Newspaper in Berlin galleries and cultural institutions.

The art news portal DEEDS.NEWS is accompanied by the exhibition portal ART@Berlin, the interview portal for protagonists of the art scene DEEDS.WORLD and the virtual showroom for art from Berlin galleries ART COMPASS.

Our joint goal: to draw attention to the work of contemporary artists, gallery owners and personalities from the art scene in Berlin and elsewhere. And to inspire you, the readers, with lasting enthusiasm for contemporary art.

Do you have any suggestions, tips, hints or would you like to contact us for any other reason? Write to post@deeds.world.

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